Trump, Abortion, Choosing Life


The thing I like most about Donald Trump is the fact that he is relevant.  He is informed.  The man obviously does not reside in an ivory tower, but is in tune with the country.  He pays attention to things.  Case in point was Friday morning when he did a retweet about the young man harassed by Samantha Bee.  The man notices the same thing we, the little people do.  That is complementary to all of us.  It tells we the little people that our pathetic humdrum little lives matter to him.

I like his approach to Planned Parenthood.  If they cease doing abortions they can keep the money.  If not, forget it.  We all know Planned Parenthood is all about abortions.  They claim to be about women’s health, and providing for women who aren’t in major metropolitan areas, but we all know that is an outright lie.  There are many times more state/federal facilities that handle the same women’s health issues than the few hundred supported by PP.

On Friday I learned that one of the young women who grew up in my youth group is going to be a mother.  Not married, she has, like so many other women of her generation, chosen life.  More and more educated young women are doing just that – choosing life, when their counterparts, twenty years ago, were choosing the services of Planned Parenthood.

It dawned on me the reason young women such as my friend and those her age, including someone near and dear, have begun choosing life is it is now socially acceptable to have a child outside of marriage.  And, no, I was very much against this sort of thing.  Then, I met one of the most special creations the world has ever known.  If you want to look at it another way, the average young woman is using some sort of contraceptive.  For the miracle of life to occur, well, maybe the Hand of God is helping create beautiful life. I have a cousin who has been known to wax very philosophical when it comes to things like this.  I think she is right.

If so…and so many young women are choosing life, it is entirely possible, within a few years, Planned Parenthood is going to become an unnecessary evil.  There are always going to be reasons for an abortion which have nothing to do with birth control.  The more acceptable it is to be a single mother, the more unnecessary the need for an abortion.

New life is a miracle.