Getting Settled


These past few weeks, I’ve downloaded way too many links for articles.  My problem is that I’m so busy I don’t have time to follow through.  I was going to build a rant and rave about an article about Amazon killing American jobs, but managed to get busy cleaning out the fridge, putting things in the window, moving stuff around and the eternal quest for the box containing my shawls.  Yesterday, we finally shelved what few books I have kept.  That one hurts, but they are going to a good home.  My new work space is workable.  I’m finally trying out my mother’s desk.  For 25 years I used my grandmother’s kitchen table, but I donated the table and chairs to a charity our church runs.  They already have a good home.  I can live with that.  I’m trying to make myself comfortable.  I may need a cushion in the back of the dang chair.

I wonder how long people will continue to order from Amazon.  I do – constantly.  I don’t have a choice, and frankly, I wish they delivered pizza. If you order something routinely, the price goes up, drastically.  I’ve been watching this with numerous items from Meow Mix, cat litter, to boxes, and a few other things.  Amazon is great if you are only going to order something maybe once or twice, but make it a regular habit and you are going to see your price double.  I’ve seen it happen too many times now to think it is coincidence.

Did you hear the one about fact checking the fact checkers?  Evidently Snoops, is quite biased in that the CEO will not discuss the criteria for hiring fact checkers.  That alone is wild, and does confirm some of our hesitations about it.  There were other links, but I went ahead and deleted them.  The idea that a platinum asteroid destroyed the Clovis culture is fascinating, I will admit.

I’m constantly annoyed by the Democrats, but then any normal person is.  What’s the use even harping on it?  I have too many other things to do, like emptying additional boxes, putting things on shelves and going through things I need to pack up for the next move.  I need to set up the new printer and find some paper.  I have paper, I just don’t know where it is.

I have mice in the garage.

My good shawls are missing.

I can’t locate my St. George statue.  I know this stuff is here, I just don’t know where it is.  There are times when I feel like this is an Indiana Jones quest.


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