The Missing Young Women of DC


According to DC cops, the reason the numbers, today, are so alarming is because of the way they list people who are missing.  Evidently that number now includes runaways, which makes sense.   We also know that African American women, when having gone astray, are not given the attention that their white counterparts are, when they turn up missing.  There is very much a racial element in the story.

Over the weekend, there was a minor explosion because someone began publishing the fact that over a 24 hour period, something like 25 young African American women – girls – have gone missing.  One of the girls surfaced, stating that she had run away from an abusive stepmother.  That is to be expected.

Here is the real problem.

According to one source something like 501 children in the DC area have gone missing, thus far, in 2017.  All but 22 have been found.

Twenty-two young women are still missing.


I don’t know about you, but I find the fact that one percent of the young women who disappear, not being found is alarming.  This year so far – 22 young African American women are still missing.  They aren’t runaways – probably.  They are missing.  They have disappeared.  They can’t be located.  They are now statistics.

We’re only talking 1%.


That’s a simple percent.  In math it is nothing.  In sports and science it is a big deal.  When it comes to dealing with twenty-two missing young women, it is a very big deal.  That’s 22 young African American women in the DC area who have disappeared since the first of the year.

Those are bad numbers.   The real problem is the fact that, to be honest, if we were dealing with young black males, it would be all over the news.  Evidently young black women’s lives don’t matter as much as their male counterpart.

In baseball that one percent is a very big fat hairy deal.  It should be a very big fat hairy deal when it comes to twenty-two missing young women.

Why isn’t it?

Why isn’t it?  There have been rumors, for years, that DC is one of the human trafficking centers of the country.  There are tales of high-level sex trafficking, pedophiles, and the destruction of the innocents.  If we were talking a place like ABQ, there would be a very specific drug connection.  There are rumors of serial killers at work.  In Washington, DC, the rumors are about sex trafficking.  Why is it so difficult to face such nasty facts? The implications are horrifying.  I gather their lives really don’t matter.