Sunday Morning Opera: Will She or Won’t She?


Last week, the operatic world was shocked to hear that the greatest soprano of a generation – today’s Beverly Sills, Renée Fleming was retiring in a few months, after her final performance of the year, at the Met. She quickly assured the world she was not retiring.

Today’s playlist features an appearance by our favorite baritone!


2 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Opera: Will She or Won’t She?

  1. Years ago, when my parents built their new house, my mother bought a cheap reprint of an 18th Century near wardrobe malfunction. When she asked my father and his brother to hang it for her, his brother, the good reverend, decided to hang it upside down and see what happened. That dress always reminds me of the picture. Have you kept up with the latest? He’s going to try doing staged opera.

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