Close Enuf to 100 Days: The Big Stick Policy


We are close enough to President Donald J. Trump’s first hundred days to make a few salient observations.  I will admit, I still have moments of euphoria when I attempt to comprehend the fact that the man actually won.  Just the thought of it makes me smile.  It makes me happy.  I am also thankful that my mother, who has been a mega fan of his since the late 1970s, lived long enough to see him elected. During the election cycle, she remained terrified something would happen to him.  She also lived long enough to make good on her prediction, back in the very early 1980s, that he would be POTUS.  Until the end, she practiced the art of the I Told You So!

Like all Trump supporters, I’m tired of the lies, the viciousness, the insanity, and the stupidity of progressives, liberals, Democrats, and Never Trumpers.  It real old, real fast.  I’m tired of it, having lost all respect for those who keep pimping the message.  Unlike some fair-weather Trump supporters, I am well aware I am not going to agree with the man all the time.  I’m not happy about his approach to Syria, but that’s okay.

I also don’t mind admitting I consider the House Freedom Idiots akin to traitors.  I’m sick of them.  I’m sick of self-righteous libertarian minded so-called conservatives who continue to take their marching orders from the Koch Machine.  We all know the Koch Machine wants to see Trump fail.

The man is refreshing.  His approach to the world is like a bull in a china shop, or that scene from Moonraker where one of the world’s great glass collections is destroyed in a fight between 007 and the bad guy henchman.

There are times when we need a leader who isn’t going to sit back, be cool, cerebral, and play Hamlet, debating the fate of the world while it burns around him. So what if he may start one of the fires, at least the man is doing something. I do like his Big Stick Policy.  He’s a good man.  He truly is interested in We The Little People.

I like the fact that the man is engaged.  He has no problem admitting to watching television, trolling the news, and is human enough to enjoy sticking a pin in the rear of people who get on his you-know-what list.  He’s human.  He’s fun.  Let’s face it, we never know what he’s going to do, next.

I read tweets by some supporters declaring if this person who is at the White House goes, or that one does.  Forget that.  I did not vote for them, I voted for Trump.  I’m in it for the long haul.  Let’s be honest, it isn’t going to be boring.  And, at lest the man is not self-righteous like his predecessor.