Shared Sacrifices or Budget Cutting


I’ve spent most of my adult life either lobbying for or complaining about cuts to NASA’s budget.  As a staunch science ‘freak’, I don’t like seeing science budgets cut.  As a fan of the arts, I do support the National Endowment for the Arts – to a point.  As far as the NEA, I think funds should only go to things which provide for the entire community at large.  In other words – only PG need apply.  Funds should not be funding individual artists, galleries, nor functions.  I wholeheartedly think that one of the functions of a viable federal government is to provide for the arts and culture – as long as it benefits the national interest and is available to everyone.

All this talk about yanking funds from the NEA hurts.  I don’t want to see hard-core scientific research unfunded.  But, I am also a realist.  Having spent the past seven years of my life dealing with abject poverty, lack of income, and having to cut my life down to abjectly nothing, I am well aware budgets need to be cut.

We live in a country where overspending is epidemic.  Money doesn’t grow on trees, nor can it be forever manufactured by the Fed and not require a day of reckoning.  It does.  We can’t keep spending, spending, spending and not pay the price.   I don’t mind budget cuts – if everyone is cut, equally.

Cut everything equally.  Just take 10% off the top and deal with it.  We all know there is so much corruption and waste in government that just cleaning up the mess would take care of that cut.  You cut everyone and everything the same percentage.  It doesn’t take a genius to realize that is the only possible way to do things.  But, if one is a political operative, none of this matters.  All that matters is you must have your agenda.