Harassers, Jerks & the Women Who Plot to Destroy Them


Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, I was invited to become part of a long defunct White House staff – in exchange for services rendered. As someone who had spent enough time in DC to know this was an everyday occurrence, I basically ignored it.  If I had wanted to be a White House aide and low-level staffer, then it might have been different.  I did not.  By this time I had reached a point where I knew the score.

Strom Thurmond was a dirty old man who was all hands.  Anyone over the age of 18, who came from South Carolina and played GOP politics knew that – and how to avoid him. When I asked my mother why she did not warn me, she told me she figured I needed to learn how to take care of myself.  I did.  Funny thing about Strom, avoiding his handiwork did not prevent him from offering a job, or doing something to truly help your cause.  I guess for him, there were more fish in the sea.  The one time I truly did not know how to handle harassment was when I was in college.  I flunked a course, rather than put up with the jerk.

The bottom line is as a women, we’ve all been there and done that.  I turned down an extremely lucrative book deal.  I was not interested in turning an innocent science fiction romance into a bodice buster.  I was also not interested in pandering to a dirty old man who had a knack for turning innocent young writers into the next big thing.  His proteges ended up with lucrative six figure contracts and millions of books sold.  I couldn’t do it.  I was not going to go running around telling the world how bad this person was.  The women who used his services knew what they were doing.  They weren’t innocent.  They also did not go screaming harassment later in life.

That’s the way of the world.  Men harass and women either put up with it, encourage it, walk away, or say something.  The ones who wait ten or twenty years and then say something are the women I detest. When a woman is harassed, and does her best to get attention to her plight is going to have me in her corner.  When a woman waits a few years, then comes out, after other women are complaining, well, frankly, I think she should sit down and shut up already yet.

No, it’s not nice.  I think sisterhood is a joke.  I find rather amusing that if a woman is attracted to a man, and he makes a play for her, that’s different.  She’s all for it.  I also know women who complain out of spite.  I’ve been quite outspoken about the women going after Bill Cosby. Yes, he’s a total jerk.  He had the reputation of what he did for years, yet women continued to go along with him.  Sorry, but I have no sympathy.

There are rules.  The left laughed at Mike Pence when it was discovered he once gave an interview where he stressed he was never alone with a woman who wasn’t his wife or close relative and never ever went out to dine with a woman without his wife being present.  That’s a smart man.  It also shows how unfair the system is.  All a woman needs to do is cry wolf, and they can ruin the reputation of a good man.  I had a colleague who worked within the space program.  I told him that so and so (I don’t even remember who it was now) asked me to do some work in his suite.  My friend told me “That’s fine, if you want to get involved with him.”  The bottom line – you don’t go to a man’s room – suite – without a group of people, unless you have other plans or know him, well.

Successful men have always been womanizers.  They think, by virtue of their success, they can get away with it.  They are also deluded into this view point because there are women who are attracted to success.  After awhile even decent men think they are God’s gift.

When a man is married, and a woman knows he is, and she accepts an invitation to his room, sorry, but she deserves what she’s going to get.  She knows the score.  If this makes me cold and callous, then I’m cold and callous.  As mature, reasonable women, we are responsible for our own behavior.

Then there are the real abusers.  I’m not talking about those.  I’m referring to jerks.  Real abusers need to be destroyed. Jerks need to get a nasty taste of their own medicine, but you don’t destroy them.  I do find it terribly amusing, in a very cynical sort of way, that the women who seem to complain the most about men harassing them are liberals and Democrats.


I like men who are womanizers.  There’s one thing I’ve learned about them.  If a woman acts like a lady around them, they will usually treat her like one.  If she acts like a slut, then she’s treated like a slut.  Sorry, but I have very low tolerance for women who are sluts, have no morals, then try to destroy a man when he takes her up on her offer.   Women are far from innocent.  The liberal feminist agenda would love to make the world think they are.  The liberal woman is to have it all, including hyper-sexuality, abortion on demand, and then scream rape when she’s not treated with the respect she thinks she deserves.  Sorry, I call sluts for what they are – sluts.  If you want a man to treat you like a lady, then act like one.

When you act like a lady, and a man goes after you – then you destroy him. Just don’t wait twenty years to do it.  No one is going to take you seriously.  Frankly, no one should.   If anyone thinks the women who are now surfacing, and are destroying yet another man are doing so out of horror, pain, and angst, think again.  They’re looking at a million dollar payday.