Off With Their Heads!


The stupid snowflakes who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.  Unfortunately, this one isn’t funny.  Not long before she died, my mother commented that she wondered when liberals were going to demand conservatives who support Trump be beheaded.  In a sane world, this would be a sarcastic observation.  Unfortunately, in the insanity that is Berkley, it is no longer just a sarcastic observation.  Liberals are doing just that.  Demanding conservative students lose their heads.  In other words, no only do they want to silence the opposition, they now want the opposition murdered.  Liberal students are literally in the process of conducting their own special little reign of terror against Berkley College Republicans.

The Daily Cal

The problem is the fact that people are even thinking about such a thing – then voicing their opinion.  This isn’t the Third World.  We’re not talking about ignorant and uneducated primitives following a truly diabolical and increasingly almost demonic ideology.  These are college students who should have learned, by the time they were in the tenth grade, about the Constitution and freedom of speech.  It has reached the point where college professors are among those who are downing their black stormtrooper masks and assaulting conservatives.  None of this is legal.

The basic Constitutional rights of free speech of conservatives is being threatened.  No one seems to care.  Instead, if you read various comments you quickly discover the hatred is endemic within a certain generation.  They truly think certain individuals, genders, and races no longer have a right to the freedom of speech.  There are some who are even suggesting that white males no longer be allowed to vote.  The perverted irony is the people making the suggestions are the ones who do the most when it comes to screaming about racism.

This is no longer funny.  If the threats were being made by white males against minorities, Civil Rights investigations would be demanded.  I gather if a person is conservative, they no longer have Constitutional rights.