How Soda Taxes Hurt the Poor


Santa Fe is in the process of voting on one of the most obscene soda taxes in the country.


The point is to raise millions to create a Pre-K for children in Santa Fe who are impoverished.  It’s like this, Santa Fe is one of the most elitist, snottiest, and nastiest places I’ve ever had the misfortune to visit.  To imply that the average person in Santa Fe believes in helping the little people is a joke.  Oh, from their elitist mock pueblo fake adobe every house looks the same balcony, sure they want people to think they care.  They do, as long as the little people only show up to do their domestic chores, then disappear from their perfectly structured neighborhoods.  We’re dealing with a typical liberal enclave where they are trying to help the little people, and don’t give a damn how badly they hurt them.

In Santa Fe the sugary sin tax would add 1.5 cents per ounce for sinful drinks of which the liberal elites do not approve.  For a 20 ounce bottle of soda, that is 30 cents.  For a six pack, we’re talking $1.80.  Don’t the liberal elites in Santa Fe realize people will just do the whole  Smokey and the Bandit thing and purchase their evil, sinful sugary drinks outside of Santa Fe?  That’s what people who are stuck with those taxes are doing, elsewhere – if they can afford to go elsewhere.

That’s the real problem.  Having lived in very real poverty for the past few years – and we’re talking about $6500 a year, those $1 bottles of soda were the only bright spot in my miserable life.  I couldn’t afford bakery, wine, or even meat.  My treat would be three of those bottles of soda, a week.  That was about $3.00.  If the soda tax were to pass in Santa Fe.  A 2-liter bottle has 64 ounces.  You can buy a bottle of root beer for a buck.  But, if the tax passes, the price would go up 96 cents.  For me, that would have been a deal buster.

No, soda isn’t good for you.  Neither is poverty.  Before  you get all self-righteous, remember parents living in those conditions – or anyone can’t afford fresh fruit, juices, or even fresh veggies.  You can’t afford potato chips.  For nearly two years I lived on dried beans, rice, spaghetti with cheap sauce, large bags of tortilla chips, $1 loaf French bread, and those $1 bottles of either Coke or root beer.  When cheap frozen pizza would go on sale for $1/each, I’d buy a few.  I would also buy a few onions, head of lettuce, carrots, celery, and cabbage, along with condiments.  That was it.  I went for 2 years without being able to afford a steak.  Chicken was something I could purchase once every 3 months or so, when the good stuff was on sale.

Frankly, I think it is cruel, elitist, and vicious.  The Obama Administration openly sought to degrade our lives, so that we would be forced to live like those in the third world, in order to save the planet.  In doing so, they began taking one thing after another from our miserable lives.  People should have a right to drink soda, and not be subjected to insane taxes.  Maybe the elites should be required to live the way I have, and come to realize we all need a little something in our lives, even if it is a miserable bottle of cheap soda.

And – I do not believe in pre-K, but that’s another argument.  The people in Santa Fe who need their little angels in pre-K already have them in daycare. Sending them to pre-K would be a heck of a lot cheaper, but the elitist just don’t quite grasp how the little people live.

Let’s be honest here.  Liberal elites just can’t stand the idea of soda.