Compromise: The Adult Thing to Do?


Once upon a time, in the Swamp that was once our nation’s capitol, compromise was a good and honorable character trait.  It was called ‘governing’.  Today though, in the fetid climate of prevaricating and mendacity, sound bites, and fake news, compromise is a four letter word.  That alone is interesting, because people no longer care about four letter words.

The only way this nation was even declared independent was through compromise.  Sure, it came back to bite us in the tushie, but it was compromise.  We were dealing with grown-ups who understood what would happen if they did not compromise.  Compromised prevented a civil war for nearly four decades.  FDR understood compromise when he met with Churchill and Stalin at Malta.   But, the far right, the Freedom Caucus are acting like spoiled, play-ground bullies who are going to have a temper tantrum if they don’t get their way.

They stabbed the President in the back when they failed to kill Obama Care.  Now they are stabbing him in the back over the budget, which is not even Trump’s.  Yet, try finding someone in talk radio who is evening mentioning we’re dealing with the last half of Obama’s last budget, not that it was a real one.  He was so incompetent, all he had were continuing resolutions.

One of the reasons I voted for Donald Trump is because he knows how to compromise.  That makes him a grown-up, far more reasonable than either the far right or far left.  He understands that, in order to govern, one must work well and play well with others.   I think we all knew it would be only a matter of time before the far right would get their undies in a wad and decide to destroy him.  As usual, they  have not disappointed us.

The difference between a 5-year-old and a member of the Freedom Caucus is the child knows you don’t always get what you want in life.   I’m tired of the left and the right making nothing but demands, then trying to destroy those who don’t live up to them.  I consider myself moderately conservative.  I don’t like fanatics, unless it is about baseball or opera.