Space 101


This afternoon Rush Limbaugh was bemoaning the fate of the Millennial Generation.  They live in abject fear of imminent planetary destruction due to Global Warming.  Accordingly, Stephen Hawking is hyping the fact the only hope for mankind humankind is off planet.  There are many of us who have been saying the same thing since the 1980s, only for different reasons.  Quite frankly, I’ll take it any way they want to frame the subject.  If it is going to take scaring the you-know-what out of Millennials, in order to move humanity off the planet and into colonies, well, oh my gosh, it is just so hot in here….I think I see Antarctica melting!

Okay, Global Warming is a joke.  Not really, but just about every generation, from the time people began to have the leisure time to think beyond the next saber tooth tiger attack have envisioned the end of their world as they know it. And, yes, one day it will happen.  Scientifically, it will probably get very very hot as the sun expands out, engulfing us as a planet.  I guess we will eventually be victims of Global Warming.

My bad?

There are any number of ways civilized life may come to a  halt.  Unfortunately, we are currently looking down the gun of a stray North Korean EMP.  That happens and we start living like it’s Wyatt Earp Days all over again.  That’s fine, as long as you don’t depend on digital technology.  Analog will survive.  Old cars who don’t need computers will run just fine.  A manual typewriter will work.  The grid will be fried.  If you have a pacemaker, well, it’s been nice knowing you.  Forget about your computers, anything you have stored on them, iPhones, and modern phones.  People who live in the middle of nowhere and rely on technology that hasn’t been updated will be ahead of us.   A nice big solar flare can do the same thing.  The electrical grid can be protected if people are smart enough to pull the plug at the source.  Fat chance that happening.

Then there is an uptick in volcanic activity.  That’s my favorite one.  It will cause another ice age.  We could be slammed by a killer asteroid and go the way of the dinosaurs.  A big fat meteorite or comet would do the same damage.  If you know your science, there are some really good ways to end it all.

Last Man on Earth Anyone?

The only real hope for humanity is in space.  That is our future.  It is dangerous, and poses so many risks for future generations.  Living in Zero-G is damaging eyesight.  It is causing brittle bones.  If a baby is born and raised in Zero-G, that person will never be able to return to Earth.  It would crush them.  Same thing will happen with someone born and raised on the Moon, Mars and so forth and so on…

But, if we scare these little snowflakes enough, they will come up with a way to provide artificial gravity.  The real answer is in actual colonization like Babylon 5.  Given enough time, it will happen.  My problem is I won’t be here to see it.  And, I do want to see Saturn.

If Stephen Hawking wants to terrify the little Snowflakes into pouring billions and billions into space colonization, THANK  YOU!