Christian Hate


I’ve truly never seen anything like it.  We all know it’s one thing, when people who don’t claim to know Christ practice hatred toward someone.  They don’t have Christ in their hearts and Christ is love.  It is entirely something else when those who claim to be Christians are the worst of the haters.  I fear for them.  There is a line, I think, that a Christian should not cross.  We Christians are to be known by our love, but when Christians are so busy spouting hatred against someone, how can they love?  What does it do to their personal relationship with Christ.  It is as though there is a darkness they are allowing into their souls.  Frankly, I don’t want to go there.

Politicians are a challenge.  Maybe the Good Lord put them there to challenge our, faith and to test us.  If we believe in Christ, we can ‘hate the sin’ but not the sinner.  The problem with this one is that we really do have no right to call someone down for minor infractions which just don’t meet with our approval.  The very same people who practice zero tolerance for one politician or another will be the first to tell you, to brag almost about their ‘love’ of the unlovable, their champion of the little guy, and how they are fighting for the rights of everyone.  Good – we should all be doing that.  But, far too often these are the same people who voice public disapproval of someone who fails to live up to their personal requirements of how a politician should be.

Maybe all of this is quite ironic coming from me.  I am a political animal.  I pride myself in it.  But, I discovered something few years back.  If I claim to be a Christian, I cannot spout hatred, no spread hatred about someone, even a politician I truly dislike. I forced myself to pray for this person.  I forced myself to pray for his family.  Strangely enough, not long after doing this, I discovered that I no longer disliked that person.  I still don’t dislike this person.  I’ve lost respect for him, and am very disappointed in his actions, but I don’t hate.  I’ve also realized I no longer pray for he and his family the way I was once doing.  I will immediately remedy that.

I read a snip somewhere that Mary, Queen of Scots feared the prayers of John Knox.  Hell, I would fear them.  That’s the real problem.  If you fear the prayers of someone who claims to be a Christian, then let’s just say the Devil is in the details.  History has proven she was something of a dingbat, but Knox was a monster.  He claimed to be a Christian.  Fearing the prayers of a Christian?  I guess where I’m going with this is that if you hatred of a politician is go great that you would allow it to eat you alive, then maybe you don’t need to be praying for that person.  Your prayers won’t be prayers, but curses.

Unfortunately, I know all about godly men and women who decided to pray for you – for your complete failure in life.  They were doing it for the benefit of my soul, because my writing wasn’t Christian enough.  They prayed the Lord would basically destroy any possibility I had of ever being published.  They openly prayed – or should I used the word – preyed – for my total failure.  Sorry, but that’s not Christian.  It is basically a curse.

I fear for Christians who do this.  Yes, they hurt me.  But – the person who was the ringleader of this little prayer group came to a miserable end. It was tragic. He had so much promise.  That is what happens to a Christian who considers him/herself better than the object of their distaste.  Their prayers become parody.

It also doesn’t look good.  How the heck can a minister, a priest, a religious leader talk about the love of Christ, when they are spewing hatred on social media?  Sorry, but you can’t talk love when you are talking hatred of anyone, no matter who.  You are not required to like that person.  You are not required to respect them.  You are required to love them.

Christ is love.