You Are Fired


The world is coming to an end.  President Donald Trump exercised his Constitutional right and fired James Comey, the Director of the FBI.


It was, if you listen to the very same Democrats who wanted Comey fired, a very evil thing to do.  These are the very same people who were demanding he be fired, after destroying Hillary Clinton’s election chances.  There’s one consistent thing abut the – they are hypocritical.

This isn’t about James Comey, this is about the abject hatred liberals have for Donald Trump.  Nothing more and nothing less.  Of course, they aren’t mentioning the fact that the deputy AG who requested that Comey be fired was appointed by Barack Obama, is liberal, a career civil servant, and and recently approved by the US Senate to be in that position.  He received 91 votes.  The same people who voted for him are now condemning the President, for taking the man’s advice.

At least they are consistent.   Apparently the reason Trump fired Comey is because Vladimir Putin told him to do it.  After all, Russia interfered in our elections.  Never mind the fact that Barack Obama became directly involved in the French presidential election.  That’s okay, I gather.