Democratic & Liberal Demagoguery


The left has proclaimed Sally Yates a hero, yet her actions were highly questionable and entirely political. I have not problem with a personal who is a political hack.  They serve a purpose.  But, they should have a disclaimer or hashtag on them.  Normal people understand that someone appointed to a specific cabinet level position by a POTUS is just that – it’s politics.

There are some excellent civil servants out there.  They are the ones who keep the government running until a newly installed administration figures out how to do things.  The problem is, the political hacks appointed by Barack Obama and his Administration went above and beyond the call of duty – as hacks.  That too, is acceptable, if we have a strong media who comprehends that we are dealing with hacks. When the media becomes a fourth branch of government and an extension of a political party, then we have a very serious problem.  It is rather like the acting Director of the FBI.  His wife is a Democratic activist.  He never mentioned that, today.

Freedom itself is vulnerable when the media marches lock-step with any political party.  A good reporter should be like the late Walter Cronkite.  He was a raving liberal (previous incarnation, not today’s Marxist snowflake), but he never allowed his bias to show.  That’s what made him great.  He was representative of a generation of reporter, a real reporter, real journalist, who cut their teeth as war correspondents, understanding there was a very real difference between freedom and tyranny.  Today’s version of media celeb – pretenders, aren’t even journalists.  They are comedians to a generation of snowflakes who don’t comprehend there is a difference between journalist and comedian.

The way they are reporting and the Dems are handing the firing of James Comey are disgraceful.  Jonathan Turley wrote:

“…There is another small problem. There is no evidence that the investigation is really “closing around Trump.” Indeed, it is still unclear what the crime is. There has been no evidence of collusion put forward and various statements from past and current officials have downplayed that allegation. Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and others may have reporting or disclosure violations to address, but that it not exactly Watergate relived.

None of this means that we should not demand answers about the firing or insist on an independent investigation of the Russian influence allegations (though the scope of that investigation remains a matter of partisan dispute). It means that we need to exercise a degree of objectivity in our coverage….”

Why is any of this a problem?  The Dems are trying to hid a major scandal.  The liberal media is out of control.  They are feeding a group of paid liberal troublemakers who have apparently rejected any pretense of decent or honorable behavior when it comes to approaching Republicans.  They don’t care.  What bothers me is even honorable Republicans are falling for the Trump delusions.

There is a reason the Dems are trying to destroy Trump over Russia.   There are many reasons, including the fact that they are up to their eyeballs in graft.  There is another problem.  The Dems are protest way too much.  There is a very good reason.

“…Since the FBI has never conducted an independent investigation – for as-yet-unexplained reasons, the DNC refused to grant it access to its servers despite multiple requests – the only evidence that a break-in even occurred comes from a private cyber-security firm, CrowdStrike Inc. of Irvine, California, that the DNC hired to look into the breach.

Since when do the cops rely on a private eye to look into a murder rather than performing an investigation of their own? CrowdStrike, moreover, turns out to be highly suspect. Not only is Dmitri Alperovich, its chief technical officer, a Russian émigré with a pronounced anti-Putin tilt, but he is also an associate of a virulently anti-Russian outfit known as the Atlantic Council, a Washington think tank funded by the Saudis, the United Arab Emirates, the Ukrainian World Congress, the U.S. State Department and a variety of other individuals and groups that have an interest in isolating or discrediting Russia.

The Atlantic Council puts out a stream of anti-Kremlin articles and reports with scary headlines like “Distract Deceive Destroy: Putin at War in Syria” and “Six Immediate Steps to Stop Putin’s Aggression.”

Since the Atlantic Council is also a long-time supporter of Hillary Clinton, this means that the Clinton campaign relied on a friendly anti-Putin cyber-sleuth to tell it what everyone involved wanted to hear, i.e. that the Kremlin was at the bottom of it all. If this strikes you as fishy, it should.

Crowdstrike’s findings seemed weak in other respects as well. A few days after determining that Russian intelligence was responsible, Alperovich issued a memo praising the hackers to the skies. “Their tradecraft is superb, operational security second to none and the extensive usage of ‘living-off-the-land’ techniques enables them to easily bypass many security solutions they encounter,” he wrote. Since the hackers were brilliant, CrowdStrike had to be even more so to track them down and expose their perfidy for all to see.

But CrowdStrike then said it was able to pin it on the Russians because the hackers had made certain elementary mistakes, most notably uploading a document in a Russian-language format under the name “Felix Edmundovich,” an obvious reference to Felix E. Dzerzhinsky, founder of the Cheka, as the Soviet political police were originally known. It was the equivalent of American intelligence agents uploading a Russian document under the name “J. Edgar.” Since this was obviously very careless of them, it raised an elementary question: how could the hackers be super-sophisticated yet at the same time guilty of an error that was unbearably dumb?…”

If this is true, we’ve been had.  I’ve been saying this for several years. The thing that horrifies me is the fact that John Kerry’s little friends, who are also friends with George Soros, and the Clinton Foundation are very bad people.  When you are dealing with these people, well, they hide their intentions by lying about the other guys.  We are starting to see the roots of fascism taking hold here in the United States.  It is coming from the left, from Barack Obama’s little friends.  What if – he knew all about the surveillance?

And – no, I don’t expect anything.  We’re dealing with the GOP.  Unfortunately, John McCain is all snuggled up with the bunch from the Ukraine.  The GOP is never going to stand up for President Trump.  They don’t have the courage.