Cultural Appropriation


Chanel is now guilty of cultural appropriation because someone dared put the famous logo on and cell a boomerang. Yes, they are racist, evil, bigoted freaks who dared exploit something from a more ‘primitive culture’.  The reason I use the term ‘primitive culture’ is to honor the good liberals who are insulted by everything they don’t create.  For some strange reason, liberals like to take people from native cultures an pigeonhole them into something akin of side show freaks, deserving of reservations, defending, and being put in zoos to protect them.

“…“As a good corporate citizen, Chanel should apologize fully, withdraw the boomerang from sale, and make appropriate reparations to Australian Indigenous communities,” said Matthew Rimmer, an professor of intellectual property or innovation at Queensland University of Technology in Australia, to The Sydney Morning Herald…”

Cultural appropriation is, they tell us, akin to racism.  We are stealing from other cultures.  Like everything else liberal, it defies logic.  Any culture that has not been forever isolated since the dawn of time has appropriated something from another culture.  One of the most insane things I’ve seen is a caution not to use the term “Greek” when dealing with fraternities and sororities.

“…Students involved in a fraternity or sorority at the University of California Merced have been instructed not to use the terms “Greek,” “rush” or “pledge” because they are “appropriating Greek culture” and are “non-inclusive,” several students told The College Fix.…”

Anyone who knows anything about history knows how abjectly stupid this is.  The ancient Romans appropriated Greek culture.  We have appropriated Roman culture.   How do we handle this, do we live inside a plastic bag?  Or, what about a white artist dealing with the subject of a black murder, then having the culture police demand that her work be destroyed because she is white?

“…Last month, the long-running debate about cultural appropriation was rekindled when several protests over a painting at the Whitney Museum made national headlines. “Open Casket” depicted the body of Emmett Till, whose 1955 lynching helped galvanize the Civil Rights Movement. The artist, Dana Schutz, says the inspiration for the painting of the murdered 14-year-old came from listening to interviews with his mother, who displayed her late son’s body during his funeral to “let the people see.” Detractors argued that a white woman ought not render such a subject. And a petition called for the painting to be removed from the exhibit and destroyed…”

I’m still trying to figure out why this is so evil.  Maybe I’m just a vile bigot, incapable of understanding.

UK Independent

Even the ancient world was a blending of many cultures. It is abjectly ignorant, just plain stupid not go comprehend, to grasp that we influence one another from Lucy Australopithecus to Lucy Ricardo.  I’m basically 50% Norman English, 25% Scot, maybe 12.5% German, with the rest a mix of Welsh, Saxon, and Irish.  That is my heritage.  Yet, if I were to stress my genetic heritage, I’d be called a racist.  Maybe it is time for the little snowflakes who want culture correctness stop using anything related to my culture.