The Coup Has Begun


I’m furious that the DOJ has appointed a prosecutor to look into the non-existant Russian thing.  I’m tired of it.  I’ve reached the point where as far as I’m concerned, every Democrat in the world is a piece of pond scum.  I have exceptions, Dennis Kucinich being one of them.  I think it was Dana Bash who thought there was no problem with the fact that the intel community was mad at President Trump and would be exacting revenge.

That was chilling.

In other words, they would destroy him, out of revenge.

This leads to the inevitable comment that any group of individuals within any government who can destroy, for revenge, need to be stopped.  It is chilling.  In other words  –  we have no freedom in this country.

Let’s also face the fact that these individuals were empowered by Barack Obama, who had no problem flaunting the rule of law.  We’re now dealing the Jame Comey, who, apparently fancies himself another J. Edgar Hoover, without the dresses.

“…A former White House counsel and attorney general with extensive first-hand experience dealing with Comey, however, paints a very different picture of what happened in that hospital room, and disputes numerous key details. In this account, Comey’s actions showcase a duplicitous, secretive schemer whose true loyalties were not to the officials to whom he reported, but to partisan Democrats like Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.). To fully understand and appreciate Jim Comey’s approach to politics, the writings and testimony of Alberto Gonzales, who served as both White House counsel and attorney general during the events in question and is intimately aware of Comey’s history of political maneuvering, is absolutely essential….

“I was stunned,” Bush wrote. “Nobody had told me that Comey, John Ashcroft’s deputy, had taken over Ashcroft’s responsibilities when he went in for surgery. If I had known that, I never would have sent Andy and Al to John’s hospital room.”

To date, it’s unclear why Comey did not feel compelled to inform the president of the United States, his superior, that he had assumed for himself the powers of the office of attorney general. Gonzales minced no words in his characterization of the hero narrative Comey wove before the Senate Judiciary Committee in 2007….”

The Dems are so lacking in honor and sincerity, they are poll testing their base to see if they should push impeachment.  It has nothing to do with right and wrong, or if a good man is guilty of anything other than having a smart-ass mouth and knowing how to use it.  Okay, Donald Trump is guilty – of defeating Hillary Clinton and doing his level best to undo eight years of Barack Obama insanity.  For this, he must be destroyed.

Democrats are so contemptuous of we the little people, they don’t care if they antagonize us to the point where Trump Democrats never return to the Democrat fold.  They assume, by promoting illegal immigration the newcomers will forever be grateful to their over-lords.  The fascinating problem with this is while some immigrant groups may be Democrat for the first generation, as they gain wealth and prominence, find a place in the community, they split and a good many turn GOP.

The bottom line is Donald J. Trump must be destroyed, no matter how they do it.   They don’t care who or what they destroy in the process.  Hate is hate.  After a certain point in time it becomes abjectly self-destructive.