The Barbarians of Minnesota


When one thinks of my father’s home state of Minnesota, you think of Vikings, settlers, snow, and those crazy accents. I think of quite a few generations of relatives. My family was among the first to settle the Minneapolis area.  They literally gave their live was for the frontier.  It was about freedom.  My grandmother Reidhead and her sisters, along with her mother (the one who saw 3 generations of her family slaughtered by the Sioux in 1863) were among the very first women to vote in the state of Minnesota.  My grandmother, holding the shot-gun, was a Suffragette.  Her mother, who saw her mother scalped when she was just six-years-old (in the hat) fought for the rights of women.  Imagine today, the horror and the anger they would feel watching the rights they literally fought for, being destroyed in the name of political correctness.

There is something abjectly obscene allowing the rights of women to be trashed, in order to placate the obscenely disgusting barbaric behavior of a primitive version of a religion where women are deemed to be of lessor importance to men.   Evidently the pro-sharia lobby is stronger than the lobby protecting women.  That makes sense.  Minnesota is a liberal state.  Liberals appear to be willing to appease Islam any way possible.

“….The Council for Minnesotans of African Heritage, a nonprofit called Isuroon and other groups argue that the legislation carries overly harsh punishment and unintended consequences, including the possibility that newcomers from countries where genital cutting is widespread would not seek medical care and other services for their children. They call for a less punitive approach focused on educating parents.

Now, the author of the Senate version is voicing second thoughts about approving the legislation yet this session, though Senate GOP leadership have not committed to a course of action. “We all agree this practice is absolutely horrible, and something needs to be done,” said the author, Sen. Karin Housley. “How can we empower communities to address this practice from within rather than having Big Brother come down and say, ‘This is wrong?’ ”

Rep. Mary Franson, who introduced the House bill, said the Senate is bowing to pressure from groups “more concerned with perception than doing the right thing and protecting girls.”…”

What is female genital mutilation and why should you care?   In the US it is a Federal crime.  Yet, there are those who are politically correct who fear the worst thing that can happen is separating the brutalized girl from her horrible and barbaric families.  If she were white and not an immigrant, she’d never see her family again. In the state of Minnesota upward of nearly fifty thousand women and girls are at risk of this horrific mutilation.

This is abuse.  The problem is we are also going to be dealing with ignorance and the immigrant culture.  With liberal politicians shielding immigrants who commit crimes, don’t expect any of these people to be punished.