Yet Another Rant


Right about now I have absolutely no compassion for the migrants streaming into Europe and nothing but contempt for the politicians who support it.  Eighty percent of the poor oppressed migrants are healthy young males who are turning Europe into the land of endless rape.  Call me a vile and horrible person for supporting my President who is trying to keep monsters like this out of the United States.

One of these monsters just slaughtered little girls.  I gather their lives aren’t as important as able bodied males who are on the prowl for welfare, free rape, and no criminal complaints allowed against them.

Just call me a bad person.  I’m looking on Twitter at photos of little girls as young as six who are missing.  Over 400 men have left the U.K. to be trained as terrorists then returned.  Kids who were once in gangs are now becoming active terrorists.

Here in the US they are called MS-13.  Because the vast majority are illegal, liberal bleeding hearts don’t want them deported.  They are terrorizing entire cities here in this country.  But – we are being told what monsters we are for wanting these people deported.

In the U.K. they just slaughtered little girls. Do you know what their counterparts are doing in this country?