Investigating Candidates


I listened to what I could of former CIA Director John Brennan’s Congressional testimony on Tuesday.  Aside from my entirely negative impression of the man, I found what he had to say about investigating a POTUS candidate because of ‘contacts’ with another country which is not even an enemy, to be abjectly chilling.

Is the once august CIA now making it a point to investigate all POTUS candidates or just those from the opposing party?  I thought, at one time, the CIA was not to be involved in anything domestic.  Why are they investigating any candidate?  If any agency would be doing that, it would be the FBI, and even they should not be investigating anyone, not under those conditions.

Nothing is a greater threat to our freedom than just the thought of, the possibility that someone in an administration is going to want to meddle in an election.  Nothing is more chilling than the possibility of threatening a candidate by threatening to expose their campaign, for doing absolutely nothing wrong, except for the fact that they might have had ‘contact’ with someone the other side considers a wedge issue.

Contact can be anything from a Christmas card to dinner, a handshake at a reception, or member of a family.  Contact is not collusion.  It is horrifyingly controlling to think that the media and an administration can control associations.

Sorry, that’s not freedom.