Religion, Ideology, Race


There is a difference between religion, ideology, and race.  Islam is a religion, not an ideology.  What developed within various ‘denominations’ of Islam becomes ideology.  Islam is not a racist.  A person who opposes extremist ideology is not a racist.  A person who opposes Islam – all Islam, is a bigot.  It’s just like Christianity, Judaism, Confucianism, Buddhism or Hinduism.  They are religions of philosophies.  There are divisions within these religions which are basically denominations.  Various denominations of all these religions are not ideology.  What develops within these denominations can become ideology.

If you hate all Christians – you are a bigot.
If you hate Hindus – you are a bigot.
If you hate Muslims – you are a bigot.
If you hate Jews – you are a bigot.
If you hate Buddhists – you are a bigot.
If you hate …. yada yada yada.

Because different races make up Christianity, Islam, and so forth and so on, opposing them is not racism.  Almost all those who follow the Hebrew religion are Jews.  Opposing someone because they are Jewish is racist.  Opposing someone racist, it is bigoted.  There is a difference.

Over the years I’ve known people from numerous religions.  The only people I’ve met, who are truly nasty and antagonistic to what other people believe are atheists.  Strangely enough, some of the most tolerant people I’ve met are involved in Wicca. The most terrifying were satanists and those who were hard-core occult.

The bottom line is there are numerous liberals who accuse those of us who are truly concerned about the spread of radical Islam of being racist.  Nothing is farther from the truth.  We are the ones who recognize that 95% of all Muslims are as terrified of the terrorists as we are.