Eartha Kitt & Useless Idiots


Remember Eartha Kitt?  There’s a very good reason you do not.  She could have been a legend.  Instead, she chose to scream at then First Lady, Lady Bird Johnson, about her husband’s involvement in the Vietnam War.  The public response, the outrage was so great, she was forced to literally flee to Europe.  She later attempted a comeback, but her career was ruined.  Even the anti-war left turned on her.

Since the 1600, the Brits have been hanging or burning political figures in effigy.  The perfected the art. It was and is perfectly acceptable. It is also a hallmark of a free society. As the unruly and terribly rebellious heirs of the Brits, we Americans tried to perfect the art of the political insult.

There are certain versions of protest which are perfectly acceptable, unless they break a local law.  In fact, one of the first acts of rebellion against the Crown was such a protest.

“…Two effigies were discovered at dawn on August 14th: one was a crude figure of Andrew Oliver, Boston’s Stamp Act Commissioner and the brother-in-law of the colony’s second highest ranking official, Lt. Governor Thomas Hutchinson. The other was a large boot, with a devil peeking out — a reference to the Earl of Bute, the English lawmaker who was the architect of the Stamp Act. As a crowd began to gather, everyone expected the usual — a day of mockery and high spirits.

But the men who organized the event had something more political in mind. They put on a carefully orchestrated bit of street theater, stopping each cart and “stamping” its goods. The large crowd included laboring men and women, apprentices, schoolboys, artisans, some merchants, and a few gentlemen disguised as artisans. At 5:00 pm the effigies were cut down, and a good-natured mock funeral procession passed the State House shouting “Liberty, Property and No Stamps.” The marchers proceeded to the stamp office and pulled the little building down…”

It was called the Liberty Tree.

This is accepted political protest and discourse.  The image of President Donald Trump, circulated by a foul-mouth, profanity driven wannabe comedian is not acceptable.  For one thing, the average political protest effigy is not professional.  It is NOT executed by a celebrity, with the photos sent, by an agent, to a major publication.

Big difference.

The photo was gory and disturbing.

The President’s eleven-year-old son saw it and freaked.  I am not a fan or Rosanne Barr, but like she said, if her grandsons who were that age had seen the photo, they would have been traumatized.

The poor child in question will have nightmares about the photo for a long time.  The image will be seared into is psyche, and do untold damage.  I found the entire affair to be in terribly bad tasted.  But, the damage that was done to an innocent child is pure, dripping evil.  The fact that those some operatives on the left don’t appear to mind what the image did to that child is also disturbing.

The woman did irreparable harm to an innocent child.  For that, she should be punished.  I have no problem with the abject tasteless exercise of free speech.  She has that right.  We all do.  But – no one has the right to do what she did to a little boy.

What she did was child abuse.  This evil woman harmed a little kid.  She knew what she was doing.  It was pure, dripping evil.  Frankly, I don’t gave a damn if it offended his father, or his mother, or his siblings.  That’s part of the game.  But, an innocent child is different.

Now we know why good, decent men and women don’t want to get involved in politics.