Climate Change Exists, Global Warming Is a Socialist Crock


According to the science journal, Nature, we’re better out of the Climate Accord than in!  Africa has become greener these past twenty years.  Eastern European countries are revolting against the Climate Accord.

I am so tired of the arrogance of the religion of global warming. Those temperature records they use date back to the invention of the thermometer- during the 1870s. Only a fool relies on that data. We were going through a volcanic cooling period for a good 50 years following the invention of the thermometer. The global temperature is now normalizing itself.

FYI: The ancient classical world including the time of Christ was at least 2-3 degrees WARMER than it is today. Explain that.

Please explain why temperature fluctuations are based on solar activity and volcanic activity NOT human activity. Human activity can effect local conditions. The best example was London from about 1700 – modern electrical use.

We are in between ice ages. We need the current temps higher. Unfortunately, there are signs that the Ring of Fire is reawakening. When that happens I want to know what global warming & climate activists are going to say then.

“…Climate alarmism is a tool used to wreck America and possibly the rest of Western civilization. It is not about science. It is not about energy policy. It is not even about the power and politics. Climate alarmism is like a memetically engineered weapon of mass destruction unleashed on the U.S. and destroying our country from the inside.

Climate alarmism might be the most dangerous threat the U.S. faces today. The magnitude of this danger can be seen even by the sheer size and sophistication of the media’s attempts to push the Trump administration to compromise with climate alarmism. The regulations remaining from Obama’s term are only the tip of the iceberg and are the least important part of the problem.

There is no middle ground between the alarmist and the realist positions today, and there hasn’t been one for about twenty years. Furthermore, the attempts to find a middle ground with climate alarmism eventually led to its growth. Twenty years of trying to appease climate alarmism led to one outcome — many reasonable people came to the conclusion that the basic tenets of climate alarmism are correct, and that those who reject “climate actions” do that for some other, possibly ulterior, motives. These motives and reasons are thought to be economics, national egoism, excessive influence of some industries, libertarian ideology, public misunderstanding of science. But the basic tenets are wrong.

Climate alarmism is a system of beliefs and rituals whose leaders demand our conversion or submission. In other words, it is a cult with a pretense to rule the world. It has been called a cult many times by distinguished scientists, clergymen, and former environmentalists. How can one even think of finding a middle ground or a compromise with such a thing?…”

One of the reasons I voted for Donald Trump was because he promised to get the US out of the abjectly disastrous Paris Climate Accord.  He did.   Thank you, Mr. President.  Quite frankly, I have more faith in the existence in Bigfoot than I do the fake science of climate change.