Stigmatizing the Enemy


Seventy-three years ago today, our Greatest Generation mounted one of the greatest attacks in human history as upward of two hundred thousand Allied soldiers invaded the shores of Normandy, in a final effort to destroy Nazi Germany.  There was nothing politically correct about it.   The German people were never demonized, even if Hitler and the Nazis in general were the subject to one of the great propaganda campaigns – ever.  Hollywood was involved in every step of the War Effort, from entertaining the troops, raising money for war bonds, to actual fighting. The same industry, which today can think of nothing but attempting to destroy Donald Trump did everything possible to win the war against Hitler.

People were smart enough to understand that not everyone who was German was evil.  My grandfather Froehlich was second-generation American.  He was the head of civil defense in Palm Beach County.  No one even considered questioning the loyalty of either he, or his father, who was first generation.  Henry Froehlich’s father, Sebastian, came to the US during the Civil War, as a mercenary to fight for the Union.

One of the dirty little secrets political correctness is today hiding is the fact that the War Between the States was incredibly unpopular to the point where the deadliest riots in this nation’s history occurred in NYC, over Lincoln’s draft.  Very few families in the North were actually involved in the war.  Abraham Lincoln was as hated in the North as he was in the South.  Lincoln was forced to hire mercenaries to fight for the Union.  Sebastian Froehlich was one of those.  His reward was automatic citizenship.

My Froehlich relatives were as red, white, and blue loyal as were my father’s family, which came over on the Mayflower, or close to it. They were patriotic and completely assimilated.  My great-grandfather, Henry could not even speak German.  They turned their back on their German customs, to become totally and completely Americanized to the point where, aside from their very strong faith in Christ and their patriotism, the thing they loved next was baseball.  My great-grandfather was even friends with the legendary Connie Mack!

The very thought of anyone even thinking that my grandfather’s family would turn on this country because people were making fun of Nazi Germany, or ‘demonizing’ Hitler, telling how evil the situation was …. it would never happen.  One of the darkest moments in this nation’s history is when very evil, ambitious men decided to manipulate the situation on the West Coast, convinced a terrified citizenry that people who were Japanese would turn on them.  It was done so that they could basically steal their very rich farmlands, and take what the Japanese owned.  No matter how badly Japanese-Americans were treated, did they turn into terrorists?  Quite the contrary, platoons of Japanese-American soldiers became some of the most highly decorated men in the military.  They fought and died for this country, even as their families and loved ones were being held in miserable conditions and treated like dirt.

If being treated badly was a reason for people to become terrorists, why did African American soldiers and sailors not turn on this country?

The latest from the politically correct victim industry is the fact that it isn’t nice to stigmatize Muslims.  You will turn them into terrorists. Tariq Ramadan, a professor of Islamic Studies at Oxford wrote:

“…To portray such criminal acts as part of an ideological battle between extremist, anti-western Muslims and western people and values risks further alienating Muslim citizens and ignores the fact that Muslims themselves also fall victim to these attacks. This distinction also inadvertently presents the problem as geographic, and restricts our ability to empathise with Muslim-majority societies, where most attacks actually take place.

We cannot deny the fact that, in the west, Islam has been unfairly demonised and that the rhetoric from politicians and the media continues to exacerbate this situation. We must not forget that Islam is a western religion and when we speak about Britain or the west, we are also speaking about Muslim citizens who have played a positive role in their societies and will continue to play a role in confronting extremism.…”

If this were the case, then, since the beginning of time, one group after another has done nothing but become terrorists.  Over the past decade, I’ve been complaining about the historical ignorance of the right when it comes to the founding of this nation, and their blind allegiance to ‘perfect’ Founders who were flesh and blood men (no girls allowed) who were extremely flawed.  In spite of their flaws, they achieved the impossible.  Quite often, they hated one another.  They fought, argued, and threatened one another, but they managed to create a new nation. That’s the remarkable beauty of it, yet the far right still doesn’t grasp it is because of the flaws, not perfection, that we are free.

Our Founding Fathers did their fair share of demonizing the enemy.  Allegedly, John Hancock signed his name so large so that “fat old King could read it without his spectacles”.  Today, that would be called demonizing.  Such comments about an Islamic leader could get someone killed.  Maybe that’s the problem.  Our Western culture and values require that we treasure life.  We have always demonized the enemy.  The ability to do so is a hallmark of free speech.

This is why my father joined the Merchant Marines.

What angers me is the fact that liberals don’t comprehend what is right, honorable, and decent. All they know is political correctness.