Lying Democrats and Health Care


There are times when I truly dislike Democrats.  Those times include when they are broad-faced lying and no one seems to care.  I think they are at their worst when it comes to health care.  Anyone who is grounded in reality knows the ACA is dead as a doornail.   We are constantly being barraged with headlines telling us how bad it is, but the left doesn’t seem to comprehend what they have done and are doing to us.

Now they are crying that the Trump version will kick grandma and grandpa out of the nursing home when they have Alzheimer’s.  As long as grandma and grandpa can’t afford a Medicare supplement, they’re fine.  They’re gonna’ get help.  It is people like my parents, who could afford the most excellent AARP supplement, who had to struggle and get nothing, no help, no nothing.  In fact, if your relative has AD and is on Medicaid, you can take a training course and become a PAID primary care-giver.  If your loved one has a good supplement, you’re screwed the way I was.  I gave up six years of my life.  So, basically, when I hear some lying Democrat in the House or Senate discuss how grandma and grandpa will be kicked out of the nursing home, I want to be able to call them a lying piece of shit.  That’s exactly what they are.

If you do a little research, it doesn’t take long to discover that my demographic – white, middle class, and over a certain age – are dying.  There are any number of reasons, they say, to explain things, from addiction, to lack of finances, to hopelessness.  But, no one wants to discuss the abject lack of access to affordable health care.  This was something we had before Barack Obama and the Democrats decided to embark upon what is obviously their own version of social realignment via what is also obviously eugenics.  They’re killing us. We’re dropping like flies.  We have no health care – or if we do, we can’t afford it.

4:30PM June 6, 2017

Unless a person has group insurance, is on Medicaid, Medicare, is independently wealthy, or qualifies for assistance with the ACA, we’re totally screwed.  If we can afford the astronomical premiums, the deductibles are so high, it is like having no insurance at all.  We’re stuck.  We’re in a position none of us saw coming.  We drive by a doctor’s office or the hospital, and realize we can’t afford access, not anymore.  We are as locked out of quality medical care as someone in the third world.

There are very few people I know who are under the age of 65 or not on Medicaid who have decent insurance.  Not being able to afford quality medical care, the way we once did, is literally killing us.  Funny thing, that.  The Dems are manipulating the situation to the point where it is almost like class warfare.  They want us dead.  After all, we’re not on their demographic list for choice voters.