Episcopalian Problems


My heartbroken opinion is if the current trend toward Marxism continues in the ECUSA it will destroy what is left of the denomination.  I read the link and found it politically insulting.  There are a heck of a lot of Republicans who completely disagree with the sharp left turn. I love being Episcopalian but I don’t know how much more of The Presiding Bishop I can stomach. I have no problem with liberal. His socialist and Marxist political activism has past go.

I see no difference between what the left is doing within the church as what the hard right did to the Southern Baptists and independent Presbyteries.  I am not at home there and it is obvious will no longer be at home in the ECUSA.  The only difference is political ideology.

Those of us who just want to worship are trashed.  It hurts.  I can’t support this. It trashes everything I fought for these past few years.  According to the ECUSA my politics are evil. Sorry, but I’m not an evil person. I don’t support bad people.

I’ve spent the past five years writing about the problems the far, hard right has caused for people of faith. I know a political agenda when I see one. This is a very hard left agenda.  There is a difference between extremists and normal political views.  The ECUSA has gone extreme.  I’ve spoken out about the insanity of the hard right and will do so about this.

A person can believe in love, kindness, inclusion, and activism and not trash a goodly portion of their membership.   People who claim to be Christian, yet constantly preach nothing but irrational hatred of Trump are damaging themselves.

Eight years ago I chose not to trash Obama. I lost numerous friends. It seriously damaged me, politically. I chose to put my ethics of a Christian and the order to render unto Caesar to the test.  I prayed for the man and his family and did so out of love. I disagreed with many of his policies but forced myself to look for the good in him. As time went on it became easier. I lost more friends, some of whom still refuse to associate with me.

I was forced to vote for Obama in 2012. Romney is a psychopath. He is a vile person. His associates are the ones causing problems for Trump.  They have a truly reprehensible agenda.  I find Bishop Curry’s agenda just as reprehensible.  Instead of promoting love, he is helping to promote hate.  He is just as bad as the the Calvinists who have destroyed the SBC.   I can’t be a Catholic, not with their prohibitions on women.  I can’t be hard right Anglican.  Evidently my political views are no longer acceptable as an Episcopalian. I have no place to go.  As far as I’m concerned Curry is just as evil as John Piper.

I’m sick of this liberal Presiding Bishop. I don’t know how much longer I can remain ECUSA and deal with his Marxism. What he advocates in globalism and socialism is against everything I believe.

It is amazing how liberals damn conservatives when they bring religion into churches, but think it is wonderful when liberalism infects a church. I don’t want either one. The man is so liberal I am expecting him to come out and declare there are many different ways to salvation besides John 3:16.

I love being an Episcopalian.

I am abjectly ashamed of this man and his constant damnation of President Trump. We are to pray for our leaders, not undermine them, at least in church. I’m rapidly reaching the last straw with this man. I am ill and heart-broken at how obscenely liberal he has made the ECUSA. This is not the denomination I joined nearly 20 years ago. I am a Christian.

Being an advocate for social justice had NOTHING to do with Christ. As far as the damn climate treaty, is Curry going to go out and help we the little people who are going to be destroyed via extremely high energy bills and the inflation and lost jobs? Oh, wait, he’s a socialist, a Marxist. Maybe he should move to Venezuela. I believe in helping others. I don’t believe in Marxism, which appears to be the new religion of the ECUSA. As far as I’m concerned, Marxism is pure evil. It kills people and destroys lives. Between he and the Marxism of the Pope, we’re screwed as Christians.