Christians and Pesky Political Hatred


Monday evening, someone on Twitter responded to something I had posted about President Trump and his Cabinet meeting.  “All you traitors drop dead.”  We’re seeing this constantly, from the left – this constant, never ending spew of abject and absolute hatred toward not only President Trump but those of us who support him. Hate’s a funny thing.  It eventually destroys the hater.

If I sound holier than thou on the topic, well, I’m not, but I do feel proud of myself, for what I’ve accomplished.  I began 2008 hating Barack Obama.  I began January of 2009 hating him.  I began February of 2009 feeling the same way.  Then, I realized my hatred was counterproductive.  Quite frankly, I was completely disgusted by the way the GOP was acting.

I was disgusted with the way conservatives were treating him.  I realized I was not going to be part of it.  I also realized the place to begin was through prayer for he and his family.  After all, we, as Christians must, we absolutely must, pray for our leaders.  We must pray for them, even when we don’t like them.  And, those prayers had better be positive.  Negative prayers are a hell of a lot like cursing someone.  When you pray negative prayers, you hurt yourself.

Testing the waters, I began slowly, praying for he and his family, for their safety.  I prayed for the Biden family.  I prayed for their salvation. I prayed that I was not going to be as full of hatred toward them as the Democrats were about Bush.

You see, political hatred is cyclical.  Unfortunately, we Republicans began the decent into hell with Bill Clinton.  Don’t get me wrong.  The Clintons are not nice people.  I have no use for them.  I think both of them are psychopaths. I think she is worse than he is.  He is a womanizing jerk.  I think she is the definition of corrupt.  I also suspect she is evil.  Had she won, I would be praying for her soul.  I should still be doing that, darn it.

Democrats spent eight years hating George W. Bush because they were exacting revenge on him.  It was that simple.  There is a difference between Democrats and hatred and Republicans and hatred.  The GOP just doesn’t do it that well.  Republicans, for the most part, are inept and fairly harmless.  They get bogged down with facts, figures, and footnotes. Democrats excel at hatred because they know how to be snide, sarcastic, and how to bully.

The GOP hatred toward Barack Obama, was not racial.  The left wants it to be for the simple reason that they work with minority voting groups.  Their playbook is identity block politics.  When it works, it delivers votes.  The problem with Democrats was the fact that, by 2013 or so, they were going to start hemorrhaging minority voters, who were starting to migrate toward the GOP.  The only way to manipulate those voters was to point out how evil and racist the GOP was.

That is when I started being more than a little disgusted with the Obama Administration. Don’t ever think that Black Lives Matter and more recently, the little snowflakes have popped up, spontaneously.  They were planned and manipulated.  It is about maintaining power and promoting culture wars.  Statistics show that Muslim immigrants are almost entirely Democrat.  First generation Hispanic voters tend to be Democrats.  Second generations tend to break away, and by the third generation, Hispanics are as likely to be GOP as Dem.

When a political party has no ideas, they must pit one group against another.  Their latest target is trying to corrupt and split Christians.  They’re doing it quite expertly, introducing a lovely mix of compassion, socialism, Marxism, and guilt.  Just has the far right has done, in order to justify their existence, they manipulate theology.  Just the way the far right did, for well over a decade, the far left is beginning to play some very good men and women.

The political left is also making it okay for Christians to hate.  Think about it.   The very process of hatred, for a Christian is a violation of all we hold good and true.  You see, those pesky rules to live by – the Ten Big Ones, also apply to politics.  We’re not to have an idol.  We’re not to lie, steal, or wish death on anyone.

I don’t give a rip if you support Donald Trump or have abject contempt for him.  I could care less.  As a follower of Christ as someone who tries to practice what I believe, I am concerned when you cross the line from political contempt to hatred.  When a person begins hating they allow a darkness to slither into their lives.  The darkness grows until it becomes a great big fat blob of hate.  When Christians hate, well, we certainly are not living for Christ, are we?  When we begin hating, we’re basically supporting the other guy.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not going there.