“An Appalling and Detestable Lie”


I watched all of Attorney General Jeff Session’s testimony and subsequent inquisition at the hands of the Democrats on the Judicial Committee.  My first observation is California’s new senator, Kamilla Harris, is running for POTUS.  She is a horror.  She has no intellectual honesty.  Neither do her colleagues. In order to prove a point, they treated an honorable man like a criminal, and have lionized a dishonorable person who may well have engaged in criminal activities.

My first take from the inquisition?  Is it possible Sessions suspects James Comey is the leaker?

What I watched today was absolutely disgusting.  I would love to call it un American, but, by golly, it is good old American hate in action.  The Democrats in the Senate are now willing to destroy anyone – good and decent men and women just to prove they can, because they lost power.   They are attempting a ‘soft coup‘ against a duly and legally elected President of the United States.  If they are allowed to succeed, our country, as we know it, has been lost.

It is all about Russia.  In order to maintain their Russia narrative, they must completely ignore the following:

“…A prime example of how today’s mainstream media paradigm works in the U.S. is the case of Ukraine, where Americans have been shielded from evidence that the 2014 ouster of democratically elected President Viktor Yanukovych was a U.S.-supported coup d’etat spearheaded by violent neo-Nazi extremists.

As The New York Times has instructed us, there was no coup in Ukraine; there was no U.S. interference; and there weren’t even that many neo-Nazis. And, the ensuing civil conflict wasn’t a resistance among Yanukovych’s supporters to his illegal ouster; no, it was “Russian aggression” or a “Russian invasion.”

If you deviate from this group think – if you point out how U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland talked about the U.S. spending $5 billion on Ukraine; if you mention her pre-coup intercepted phone call with U.S. Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt discussing who the new leaders would be and how “to glue” or how “to “midwife this thing”; if you note how Nuland and Sen. John McCain urged on the violent anti-Yanukovych protesters; if you recognize that snipers firing from far-right-controlled buildings killed both police and protesters to provoke the climactic ouster of Yanukovych; and if you think all that indeed looks like a coup – you obviously are the victim of “Russian propaganda and disinformation.”

But most Americans probably haven’t heard any of that evidence revealing a coup, thanks to the mainstream U.S. media, which has essentially banned those deviant facts from the public discourse. If they are mentioned at all, they are lumped together with “fake news” amid the reassuring hope that soon there will be algorithms to purge such troublesome information from the Internet…”

This is getting very old, very fast.  I don’t know how other people are beginning to see things, but to me, we are dealing with modern version of the Spanish Inquisition.  Let’s be bitterly honest.  The only thing preventing the Democrats from resorting to actual physical torture is the fact that they can’t get away with it.


Elizabeth Warren, the Senate’s worst bully, is demanding Sessions resign.  We are entering into an era which people are beginning to call a new Civil War.  If the GOP does not comprehend what is going on here, and do something about it, we have a problem. Why aren’t Republicans demanding former Attorney General Loretta Lynch be investigated?

Let’s be honest here.  We are dealing with something that has become evil. There is a very good reason normal Americans refuse to go into politics.  This inquisition is one of them.