I Am Tired of This


Enough is enough.  When does the hatred end and people start acting like decent, normal men and women, and not some weapon of mass destruction?  The Democrats, Progressives, and the Left are completely out of control.  They are so eaten up with hatred that they are not only destroying themselves but the very fabric of the country.  We’ve all been saying their vicious hatred was going to get someone killed.  It nearly happened today.

When are Republicans going to stand up for what is right, to stand up for we the little people who are risking our very safety to support not only their worthless hides, but our amazing new President. The left, the hate filled left, is out to destroy him.  When are they going to do the right and honorable thing and stand up for them, and for our country.

The events of Wednesday were absolutely shattering. My Congressman, Steve Pearce, a very nice man, was almost shot today.  Yea, I’m pissed.  I’m furious with the haters on the left who, apparently, don’t see anything all that wrong with what happened. Where is their humanity?

Are liberals and the downtrodden the only ones deserving of mercy?

Where are their ethics?

Do they even possess a sense of honor?

I am crying for my country.  I hurt for it.  It is being destroyed. It is bad enough that we are dealing with the evil of ISIS, but now our own people?  Hatred destroys people.  The worst of it, is that the people I know who are the most consumed with hatred for President Trump are those who claim to be Christians.  Just a little word of advice:  You can’t be a Christian and hate.

When do we get to start calling what is going on for what it is, hate crimes?