My POTUS the Brat


Donald J. Trump is a total and complete brat.  He is spoiled.  His sense of humor is wickedly perverted enough to know how to needle his opposition and drive them crazy.  He’s a stinker.  He is also brilliant.  That combination does not suffer fools.

The reason he gets away with it is because he has the ability to forgive.  Unlike his predecessor, there is nothing fake about him.  He is magnanimous, in your face, and must have the last word, no matter what.  In other words – he’s a normal person.

It was quite obvious, when he tweeted that former FBI director James Comey had best hope there were no tapes of their conversation, he created a firestorm.  There are no tapes.  The media is a wreck.

Then…there is Golfcartgate….

Have you ever known someone who was so smart and so far ahead of most people they just sit back and laugh at them.  I think our current POTUS is that kind of a person.  Don’t mind me, I’m just enjoying him drive the left and the media crazy.

Thing is – the man is engaged. He watches television.  He keeps up with what we the little people are doing.  He’s thin-skinned, like we the little people.  He is not a pompous intellect, a mind for the ages.  He’s just Donald Trump.