Cry-Baby Atheists & Their Hatred of Christianity


Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 1.50.03 PMNOTE: This was first published on June 6, 2016.  I was finishing up my tenth murder mystery last night and did not want to interrupt the work.

I don’t know many atheists.  I follow a few on Twitter, the ones who are not arrogant jerks.  The average atheist, I have found, is an arrogant jerk, smug, self-serving, and highly impressed with his (the vast majority are male) superiority.  They consider themselves well-educated, and so important and deserving that they must force the other 93% of the nation into bowing to their demands for no religion at all.  That is their religion.   There’s a good reason many of us don’t know many atheists.  Contrary to their loud noise, and high opinions of themselves, they make up about 3% of the population.

Atheists are different from agnostics, who are a blast.  The have a tendency to wax philosophical and have a sense of humor.  Then there are people who just don’t give a rip.  Like Han Solo, they haven’t seen anything to prove to them that there is something greater than themselves.  Minus atheist and agnostics they make up about 22% of the population.

Atheists are a strange lot.  They are so devout in their atheism that they have turned it into a religion.  While they oppose Christianity, their politically correct liberalness demands that they do not attack or harass Muslims they way they do Christians.  They also don’t harass Hindu, Buddhists, or other religions.  They’re split about 50-50 in their hatred of the Jewish religion.  I wish I could be politically correct in my assessment of them, but I’m sick and tired of not being able to say what I think.

I don’t think there are near as many atheists as they would like you to think there are.  I bring this up because sometime this weekend there’s going to be a gathering of tens of thousands of atheists on the Mall, representing the nearly 22% of Americans who are not religious. Of that 22% only THREE PERCENT are atheist, and 5% are agnostic.  Of those we are dealing with some really big mouths like Bill Nye, the Fake Science Guy, who has a vendetta against Christianity, and celebs like him who hold Christianity in abject contempt.  Then again 69% of atheists are Democrats and 58% are liberal.


Once again the Reason Rally is attempting to prove that atheists are cool and Christians are idiots.  They are now trying to create a political movement, which is no different from the average Bernie Sanders ultra progressive platform.  Why they need to become a voting block is almost juvenile. They appear to think that all Christians have a tendency to be conservative which is far from the truth.

The main religion of 68% of those politically left atheists is global warming.  Woe to any of us who thinks that global warming is a crock.  Please note that I did not say climate change is a crock.  Climate change is an ongoing natural process.  But, the modern version of global warming is, shall we say, all wet.  But, if anyone who happens to know how to read science books and history dared question the Religion of Global Warming, and we  happen to be Christians, we are to be ridiculed and condemned as ignorant.  The state of California even had a bill in the offering which would make the very process of denying global warming a crime, punishable by imprisonment.

And, for the record I do believe God created the Heavens and the Earth.  Do you have a problem with that?  In Genesis we are told that time, in God’s way of thinking is completely different from human thinking.  Like one of the early astronauts once told me, anyone who had faith in the Lord and had accepted Christ as their Savior should have no problem comprehending and accepting the science of evolution or the fact that our planet had gone through billions of years of geological changes.  That is what I consider Creationism.  And no, I’m not stupid, and am very well read in the sciences and history.  I may have a much better grasp on the humanistic approach to science that Bill Nye the Fake Science Guy.  And, for the record, I’ve only really known one person who believed in the idiotic young earth theory that the planet is about 5000 years old.  When I asked how she could reconcile the archeological dating of Jericho with the planet only being about 5000 years old, she became a little belligerent.

There are a heck of a lot of us who do not worship at the atheistic and liberal altar of global warming because the science is faulty.  Also, the fact that sun is cooling is being ignored.  They are also ignoring the geological record which states that our planet’s temperature on the average for the past ten thousand years or so has been nearly two degrees warmer.  The reason it is ‘warming’ is because the planet is finally warming up after two hundred years of almost catastrophic volcanic explosions.  Please note that I said ‘explosions’ instead of ‘eruptions’.  A lava flow is not going to cool the atmosphere, but a catastrophic pyroclastic explosion will do just that.  If you doubt me, Google it.

But, it is chic to be an atheist and make fun of stupid Christians.  You might want to note that they NEVER make fun of hard-line Islam.  That isn’t politically correct.  Some of them have absolutely no problem going all antisemitic, either. It is chic to treat us like we are some sort of brain-dead dim-wits who want to thrust the country into some sort of a dark age.

I don’t know about you but over the years I’ve known people from many religions and faiths.  My adopted sister and her family are from India and are Muslim.  I have very dear friends who are Buddhist.  I have friends who are Sikh and Hindu.  I have friends who are Jewish, Catholic, Baptist, Greek, Pentecostal,  Calvinist, Protestant, and I’m Episcopalian.  One of the most important people in my life was Jehovah’s Witness.  I have numerous friends who don’t give a damn about what they believe, and those who are devout.  I have, though, never known anyone who was into Scientology.  I did though, know quite a few people who were Mennonite.  I even have a friend (a partner in crime so to speak) who is a witch.  I have friends who are New Age. I was engaged to a guy who was Christian Science.  I did the space lobby thing with a Unitarian minister.  I hung out with the space program for years, and knew many, many scientists.  Aside from flirting with Carl Sagan a couple times, I never encountered one who was a card-carrying atheist.

Of all these faiths, religions, and philosophies, the nastiest people I’ve encountered, as a ‘group’, have been atheists. There is a very good reason people don’t like being around them.  They need to look in the mirror.  I need to state, once again, I’ve encountered some people who claim to be atheist who are very nice.  They are few and far between though.  You can always tell the atheists in the room.  They are the ones who are  making fun of everyone else.  They damn evangelicals for trying to convert the world, but they are more evangelical than the most fervent Bible thumping street preacher.