Racism + Bigotry = The New Democrat Smear


Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 11.05.54 AMRerun week continues:  From June 20, 2016

Have you had someone refer to you as a racist or bigot because you disagree with them?  If so, I bet you said something that is contrary to what a liberal believes.  That’s the point.  There is a certain segment of the Democratic world who are now using the smears to silence, demoralize, and bully their opposition into surrender.  No one wants to be called a racist.  Ergo, in order not to be called a racist, people quickly allow themselves to be silenced.

I’ve decided to fight back.  I am not now, nor have I ever been a racist.  I took one of those tests they were doing to see if a person is a racist.  I ended up in the category of people most likely to have friends, associates, and do business with individuals of other races.  I don’t give a rip what a person’s race, religion, creed, or national origin is.  I do though, judge a person on the quality of their character.  And, that’s the only explanation anyone is going to get from me.

The smears, though, need to stop.  Someone within the Democratic world obviously did their homework, discovering that if someone is labeled a racist or a bigot, the American people will turn on them, and destroy them.  They don’t ask questions.  It is guilt by association.  If someone crosses your path, and they are involved in a hate group, and you’ve never seen them before in your life, no problem. You’re a racist.  You are part of the problem.

It is irrational.  The people doing the smearing run the risk of having their tactics used against them, being exposed as the cheap, dirty flashers they are.  There is nothing wrong with being a nationalist.  There is nothing wrong with wanting to put your country ahead of other nations.  It’s called self preservation.  Not having such an instinct is considered a personality disorder.

Wanting common sense immigration reform is not being racist.  Neither is the requirement that people who are coming from nations which encourage terror.  It is self preservation.  It is protecting our country.  It is not racist.  The desire for independence, and looking after national interest is not racist.  It is not bigotry, nor is it evil.

Just think what would have happened if Neville Chamberlain had not been stopped.  He wanted to play nice with Hitler.  That is the mindset of so many political leaders, media, and celebs have today.  I’m not talking about Nazi Germany, but this strong desire to play nice and pretend to be sophisticated and globalist when it is against the common good of their own people.

If this makes me a racist and a bigot – this ability to say what I think and disagree with those in power, then well, it’s something I’ll just need to live with.  I’m not going away, nor being silent.  I’m going to call a smear a smear.  Have fun.