FOR SALE: 2200 Acre Alamo Canyon Ranch

Photo by Andrew Crawford
Photo by
Andrew Crawford

Address: E024 Alamo Canyon Road
County: Lincoln
City: Hondo
State:New Mexico
GPS:  33.353050, -105.298722 and 33.353109, -105.299084

PRICE DROP: Alamo Canyon Ranch needs to be sold as quickly as possible.  The price is $595,000.

When you step foot onto the Alamo Canyon Ranch, you are literally walking into history, on land that has been used by humans for at least 13,000 years!

Alamo Canyon Ranch is approximately 2,200 deeded acre mountain foothills ranch located outside Ruidoso near Tinnie.

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The Road to Alamo Canyon Ranch
This large block of private land is located in an area of predominately private land ownership that is seldom offered for sale.
Alamo Canyon Ranch is the Wild West at some of its wildest.
The property has been used for hunting since the Clovis Culture.  Clovis artifacts have been found on the ranch. Because it is private property, artifact hunting is acceptable.
The location is perfect for astronomy, with no light pollution.
What is called high country, the night sky is like something out of a science fiction movie.
It is rugged, prone to flash floods, has water, power, and killer WiFi thanks to a line-of-sight Verizon 4G tower located next to the property.
It is perfect for hunting and camping.
Wild, we do not allow anyone on the property who is not wearing a side-arm and has a shot-gun with them. There are snakes, bear, elk, mountain lion, wild cats, deer, Barbary sheep (champion status) and (if you believe that sort of thing) maybe a local Bigfoot or two.
There are no limits on recreation, shooting, or activity including mountain bikes, off-roading, trail bikes, hiking, survival training, and communing with nature.
If you are into survivalist prepping, this is the PERFECT property and PERFECT location.
It would be great for a hunting lodge, retreat, or even working with the NM Film Commission as a movie location.
Roads into the property are being kept as non-evasive as possible.
While the property is no longer ‘pristine’, we are making every effort to make the ranch more welcoming to hunters and outdoor activities.
 It is wild, and dangerous. I cannot reiterate enough that anyone who goes on the property must be very well armed, have a charged cell phone, a GPS on their body, and have water with them. They should also have rudimentary first-aid kits, as well as snake-bite first-aid. No one should venture onto the ranch alone, without letting someone know where you are.  
REMEMBER: Emergency medical assistance is at least an hour away, and that is by chopper, if you are fortunate. Anyone venturing onto the property is doing so at their own risk. Any exploration must be done via hiking or ATV.
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 Location and Access 
Alamo Canyon Ranch rises north from Alamo Canyon into the rugged limestone foothills of the Sacramento Mountains.
The upland interior, reaches elevation of 6,000 feet above sea level, providing a vast view shed of the surrounding mountains and dominate peaks comprised of Sierra Blanca, El Capitan Mountain Range, and Pajarito Peak.
Access to the site is south off U.S. Highway 70/380 via Alamo Canyon Road, E024, thence driving over the Rio Hondo Silver bridge thereafter approximately seven miles to the ranch entry.
This is gravel surface county road.   All ranch roads and trails are primitive jeep and ATV type roadways. Alamo Canyon Road traverses the southern boundary for approximately one mile.
Ruidoso is approximately a half hour drive and Roswell are under a one hour commute.
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Topography and Climate 
Topography is predominately steep rocky limestone hills with several canyons and rocky arroyos. Alamo Canyon and Wahalee Canyon are the predominate drainages.
The range site is comprised of pion, juniper, and cedar woodlands with an understory of many resilient native grasses, shrubs, and cactus.
The climate zone is semi-arid within a  transition of high desert foothills to mountain land. Average annual precipitation is 14 inches to include snow.
Most days are full sun with clear star bright nights.
Temperatures are mild seldom exceeding the mid 90s for summer highs with pleasant cool night temperatures. Winter night temperatures will fall below 32F from November through March with day time temperatures typically rising into the pleasant 50s and 60s.
The climate is ideal for year round outdoor activity.
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Alamo Canyon Ranch has minimal improvements comprised of electric service, a shallow water well, water pipeline, fencing, and private access roads.
The beauty of this scenario is that you do not have to deal with pre-existing outdate infrastructure.
The water well is located adjacent to Alamo Canyon. This strong well is equipped with an electric submersible pump and large volume open top steel water storage tank. Water is pumped through a plastic water pipeline to the property interior providing livestock and wildlife water.
All roads and trails are primate jeep and ATV routes. The ranch has perimeter fence, some of which is down or in need of repair.
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Wildlife and Land Use 

This region of Lincoln County is renowned for quality big game hunting. The general area is a prolific mule deer and Barbary sheep habitat, to include frequent sightings of elk. Other wildlife includes bear, lion, coyotes, quail, many birds, and raptors.

The private land status of the ranch provides a multiple of land use opportunities. Game management, hunting, wildlife conservation, livestock grazing, recreation, and rural residential construction are all feasible land uses. The New Mexico Game and Fish Department has private land use incentive programs designed to enhance game habitat, private land hunting, and recreation. Range improvement plans and several cost share plans are available to qualified applicants through the USDA-NRCS.

The ranch has historically leased to adjacent land owners for livestock grazing and hunting.

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Real Estate Taxes and Utilities 

Real estate taxes for the property are low and not detrimental to land ownership. Annual taxes paid are approximately $896.00.* (Lincoln County will be raising property taxes, according to county council).

Electric service is provided by the Otero County Electric Coop.

Alamo Canyon Ranch is a nice block of deeded land with good road access. The site has electric service and strong operational water well. The mountainous location supports a good wildlife community and recreation opportunity.

Alamo Canyon Ranch is priced at $595,000 cash, as is!  For more information, contact Gary Lynch, 800-530-4597 or

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If you know anything about the history of the Hondo Valley and San Patricio, you know that the valley has been chronicled must magnificently through the historic and landmark art of the legendary Peter Hurd.

The portion of Alamo Canyon Ranch, that overlooks Highway 70, has visual access to the landscapes made famous by both Peter Hurd, and his son, Michael. Michael Hurd is one of the finest water color artists in the country.

With a portion of the Alamo Canyon Ranch so near to what is now Highway 70, and so close to the river, it is not within the realm of possibility that the property has played host, not only to representatives of the Clovis Culture, but additional First Nation’s hunters.

The Hondo Valley has traces of human occupation which go back thousands of years. Recent archaeological excavations have showed us that the ancients used the valley for hunting. The late Peter Hurd once found a conquistador’s helmet in the Hondo River a scant stone’s throw from the property lines of the ranch.

A Civil War encampment was also quite near the property on Highway 70. It was first occupied by Confederate forces, then by Kit Carson’s men.

It is entirely possibly Billy the Kid and his associated also ventured onto the property.

An archaeological survey of the property, with human occupation dating back at least 12,000-13,000 years has never been undertaken.

There appear to be caves on the property. When one considers the amazingly rich history of Lincoln County and caves, who even knows?


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