Trump’s Management Problems


People have a tendency to forget that the early months of the Obama White House was little more than abject incompetence.  He had the advantage of a fawning staff and media.  Even if he were running around in circles, drooling, he would be portrayed as the second coming cross between Martin Luther King, Jr., Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, and Mahatma Gandhi. He was not only too big to fail, he was too important to fail.  Ergo – he could not fail.

His predecessor, George W. Bush, came in as the Governor of Texas on his second term.  His father, George H. W. Bush had been POTUS.  GWB was something of a gate-keeper for him for a time.  He basically came of sobriety during the era of Reagan.  In many ways, he was the most prepared person to achieve the Presidency.  Bill Clinton was a four-term Governor of Arkansas.  He knew how to play the game.  George H. W. Bush was a VP for eight years.  Ronald Reagan had been not only a two-term Governor of California, but president of the Screen Actor’s Guild.  He had Hollywood behind him.  John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, and Richard Nixon were the ultimate insiders.  Jimmy Carter was not, but he had been Governor of Georgia.  He had his own political machine. Dwight Eisenhower did not have a machine behind him, but he had the advantage of being a five-star general, war hero, and knew everyone in the industry.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, is a self-made man.  He is a business leader.  Having grown up with both a father and grandfather who did quite well in business, I know the ilk.  A good business person must be flexible.  If something isn’t working, it is imperative to change directions, as quickly as possible.  If you don’t change, as quickly as possible, you can lose – everything.  Government is deliberative.  It takes forever just to change a light-bulb, let alone the direction of the country.

If the press were in love with Donald Trump, or even in normal hate for a Republican, they would not be attacking him the way that they are.  But, he defeated the Chosen One.  Ergo – they must destroy him.  Even conservatives aren’t picking up on the real problem with the Trump Administration.  Donald Trump just doesn’t quite get the fact that, as POTUS, he is no longer allowed to think for himself nor is he allowed to act in away that normal business people do.  He can’t say what he wants.  He can’t behave like a real person.  He is on display 24/7.

His original choice was to bring in people from business, who are not accustomed to acting like politicians.  What the man has shown us all is the fact that this country finally has a political class.  They are well-paid, autocratic, and tenaciously hold on to their place in the world.  Basically incompetent, when crossed, they will do anything to survive.

This brings us to Anthony Scaramucci.  Anyone being honest last week could have predicted his downfall.  The man is obviously a narcissistic.  He’s probably a psychopath.  There are more men and women involved in finance who are psychopaths than any other career.  That’s the problem with choosing from bankers and leaders of the financial industry.  A percentage of them are going to be unbalanced, even more so than normal politicians.  It’s like Elton Musk, who finally admitted to bi-polar disorder. That’s fine – if it is under control.

What Scaramucci did last week was unpardonable.  Any leader, any business owner, no matter how large or small, anyone running – anything – cannot tolerate what Scramucci did.  Someone who disrupts a business and makes it all about them, to the detriment of the message, needs to be eliminated, immediately.

It’s that simple.

As for the President, he must change his entire thought process.  It is not easy for someone who is as positive as is he.  Let’s just hope and pray he is able to make the adjustment – quickly.  He is surrounded by the long knives, out to get him – and that’s just the GOP.