The Great Pedophile Witch Hunt


Anyone who knows me knows my backstory. When I was in the third grade I was molested by the principal of the elementary school I attended.  He also tried to kill me.  I was stalked by him for months, with several kidnapping attempts.  Until about eighteen years ago I lived in a state of siege, stalked off and on, most of my adult life.  I know what it is like to be terrorized and what it is like to be two thousand miles from home, with someone stalking me to terminate my life.  Because of these things, I am extremely careful about accusing anyone of being a pedophile.  It is a horrible accusation that can destroy lives.  If the person is guilty, their life should be destroyed.  I simply want to see them put in the general population of a prison, without protection.  Attrition will take care of the problem.  Unfortunately, a large number of people who are in prison were molested as children.  It destroys a persons life and can destroy their very soul until you make the conscious decision not to be a victim.

I am not a victim, I am a survivor.  As a survivor, I am extremely careful with accusations. Nothing is worse than false accusations.  Aside from destroying innocent victims, it is rather like the little boy who cried wolf.  If you keep accusing innocent people of being pedophiles, then no one will believe you when someone is a very real monster.   We’ve seen it with the so-called occult-pedophile-witch hunts where lives were ruined.  If you want my humble opinion, the very people pointing the finger at others who are innocent are the very ones who need to be investigated.

Friday morning, early, I was on Twitter.  I saw this.  It should be noted that I’m not linking for two very good reason.  First, the jerk has blocked me after I pointed out he was lying, and secondly, I don’t want to push traffic to his site.


I am a Trekkie.  I am an original Trekkie.  Everything I need to know in life I learned from Star Trek.  Last year, I even did a list of reason ST is important to me.  Going through the blog, I realize I’ve written quite a bit on the subject, including a little about the incredible interview I did with The Great Bird of the Galaxy.  There is this strange and truly disturbed narrative being circulated among ignorant Millennial anti-Trekkies that Star Trek is socialist.  Nothing could be farther from the truth – not originally.

“…The later showsDS-9, Voyager, and even Next Generation had a mean socialist strain in them, but the original was not socialist, but rather Utopian.  Star Trek Classic was nothing more than the Great Bird of the Galaxy’s Utopian vision of what he wanted the future to be.

Roddenberry, for all his flaws, believed in the decency, honor, and the great future of mankind.  He was an optimist who loved science, and the space program.  One of the greatest events of my life was to be present at a panel moderated by Ted Koppell.  On the panel were the following:  Carl Sagan, Ray Bradbury, Buzz Aldrin, and Gene Roddenberry.    All four men were positive about the future of humanity and our future in space.  Indeed, that was what Gene Roddenberry was all about – our future in space….”

There is a very serious bottom line here.  One of the only reasons NASA still exists is because of Star Trek, and those of us who have basically dedicated our lives to space exploration. The absolutely fascinating backstory is how it came to be, and just who saved the series.  One day, she will be recognized for her vision of the future.  But, thanks to Lucille Ball who enabled the role of Uhura, played by Nichelle Nichols, thousands of little girls, like me, grew up believing we could explore space, just like men.

Now we have this jerk, known only as the Supreme Dark Lord, who attracted the attention of a very popular conservative, going around saying that most pedophiles were Star Trek fans because Star Trek is about the occult, paganism, and is atheist. He blocked me when I asked if he condemned all Christians because of pedophile priests.

The Supreme Dark Lord, who does not have the courage to use his real name, based his slander on a 2005 article out of Toronto. This the ONLY headline generated, and I searched for several hours.  The ONLY article about the connection came out of 2005.  People like this picked it up and spread the lies, not bothering to check sources. He also condemned Marion Zimmer Bradley (who deserved it) and spread innuendo about the great Arthur C. Clark, damning him, and basically ever other great science fiction writer as a pedophile.  Clark was gay, deeply closeted because he did not want to shame his family.  His preference was for good-looking young men in their early twenties.  When the accusations of pedophilia were made, it nearly destroyed him.  He was cleared of all charges, yet people don’t bother noting that the cops cleared him.  He was a profoundly lonely man who never fully came to grips with his sexual orientation.

Why do I know so much about all of this?  Once upon a time I had the only gallery – anywhere – that specialized in space, science, astronomical and science fiction art.  I hung out at the larger science fiction conventions representing several artists.  I also was the executive director of a space interest organization and the only woman working on a national level as a lobbyist promoting space exploration, at the time.  I had a blast, getting to hang out with some incredible people.  When I covered the Voyager II flyby of Saturn, at JPL, I was like a kid in a candy shop. The legendary Hal Clement (Harry Stubbs) took me under his wing.  I was freaking.  I was hanging out with Ben Bova, and Jack Schmitt, Newt Gingrich, and flirting with Carl Sagan!

It was a very small world.  I was fortunate to get to know quite a few people and do some amazing interviews with the likes of Sagan, Gene Roddenberry, Nichelle Nichols, James Doohan, and even Leonard Nimoy.  It being a small world, you get all the gossip.  I eventually discovered that I was like a good 80% of the women involved in the world, a survivor of childhood sexual abuse.  Women were attracted to that world because it was safe.  In many ways it was a world created by Gene Roddenberry, and did resemble the Wild West.  As in the Wild West, you did not interrogate a person about their lives.  You took them at face value.  One of the three dearest friends I’ve ever had was part of this world.  I can also tell you what I looked like when I learned that one of my two best friends had died.

I very much resent what this snotty little jerk, the Supreme Dark Lord wrote and the way his trolls treated me.  I was told not to play the victim card.  They basically disappeared when I produced the following:


Over the years, like many people who have been in my position, I’ve done quite a bit of research, trying to figure out what makes these people tick.  I want to know why.  What I have learned that the most common abuser is a family member.  The next most common abuser is not some freaked out science fiction geek but educators, school teachers and principals. Upward of 10% of all kids going through school in this country have been molested by an educator. (I think the number may be larger than that). Then comes members of the clergy.  Funny thing about that – why not damn Christian conservatives because one of the inbred Duggar offspring molested his sisters? Why not ask the very real questions about the Duggar family?  Child molesters – pedophiles – are not born, they are made.  If someone is molesting his sisters,I will bet the cat he’s been molested by someone in his family. Why  not say something about that?  (Boz Tchividjian is the leading expert on clergy and sexual abuse).

We are now dealing with a country where upward of 38% of adults have been the victims of child sexual abuse.  Statistics tell us that anywhere from 1%-5% of the population is made up of pedophiles.  There are certain characteristics most pedophiles share.  Oddly enough, you won’t find Star Trek among those characteristics.  There are things you need to look for, tips for parents.

Yello Dyno

You need to  know where to find pedophiles so you can protect kids, how things work.  Pedophiles groom kids.  They will have popular toys, games, and access to what is popular for kids.  What I find rather fascinating about the period of the article – 2005, is the fact that hardcore Star Trek fans had basically dumped Enterprise.  Real Trekkies weren’t involved.  The show attracted some kids, but, not real Trekkies.  That alone is rather interesting.  The article in question involved approximately 100 pedophiles from Toronto, arrested in 2004-2004.  That alone causes me to question the veracity of the piece.  In 2005, Toronto had a population of approximately 2 million people.  There would be, if statistics are accurate, upward of ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND active pedophiles in the city.  Were only 100 arrested in two years?

Once again it takes a little digging.  The original article is no longer available online.  It can be found via this link.  I dislike intellectually dishonest people.  Whoever this Supreme Dark Lord is, he is just that.  The poorly done article is about two psychologists who were doing a study on pedophiles.  Angela W. Eke, Ph. D, is an expert on the subject.  The other, Michael Seto, is one of the leading experts on the subject.  They were studying a group of pedophiles.  This is the punch-line:

“…Seto and Eke are continuing their research, and will soon start combing through the police files of close to 400 child-porn offenders across Ontario, searching for commonalities and patterns of behaviour. One of the things they will be looking for is reports of suspects with sci-fi collections, especially Star Trek. Seto hypothesizes that the pedophiles might be using their toys and memorabilia to groom victims — a view that Blanchard shares. “They have to adapt their strategies,” he says. “Just like a regular heterosexual guy sets up situations to get women in sexual proximity.”…”

I’ve spent hours working on this.  There was NO follow-up on the article.  Neither psychologist ever wrote about the role of Star Trek or even science fiction as part of a characteristic of a pedophile.  Considering this took place twelve years ago, I suspect they never wrote anything because they never found anything.  This is one of the articles Dr. Eke did on the subject of pedophiles, based on her study.  There is a study she did with Dr. Seto.

“…Eke and colleagues also examined whether the men had, at some point in their lives, any police-documented offense involving sexual contact with a child; if so, they described the nature of perpetrator-victim relationship. They found that 164 offenders—30 percent of the full sample—had officially documented contact with a total of 372 child victims. The largest proportion of these, 59 percent, had an acquaintance relationship with victims (e.g., volunteers with a children’s activity group and neighbors). Relatives (including step-parents) were also common offenders (43 percent). Cases involving a stranger were relatively rare at only 4 percent, and half of these offenders also victimized children they were acquainted with prior to the assault. (The percentages totaled more than 100 percent because a few offenders had more than one victim, and their relationship to these additional victims sometimes fell into a different category.)…”

It is fascinating, but still no mention of Star Trek.  There is absolutely nothing beyond that 2005 article. If you want my dos centavos, this is not about pedophilia but a group of truly stupid individuals who have their undies in a wad because they have decided the new Star Trek series is not going to be conservative enough for them.  If it doesn’t meet their strange standards, then they are going to try and destroy it.  I don’t see much difference between a group of stupidly delusional conservative idiots looking for pedophile Trekkies and a group of delusional liberals looking for Russians in the Trump campaign. I gather they don’t like science fiction, either.

There is currently a witch hunt going on within certain groups of the AltRight.  I find it not only disturbing, but slightly delusional.  They aren’t helping the cause.