The Fix Is In


It is no secret that the rank and file hard-liner inside the beltway entrenched conservative hates President Trump with a passion. Some Republicans, like John McCain are willing to betray their constituents to destroy him. Their hatred has become so irrational they are willing to do just about anything to ruin him and/or turn him into a one term president.  They hate him so much, they are willing to not only cost us the White House in 2020, but also the House and Senate.  For them, the greater the GOP loss, the more power they will be able to weld.  Hate is a strange thing.  Once you give in to it, and turn your life over to it, even the brightest and most logical mind is polluted by it.  There comes a time when it literally becomes evil, plain and simple – just evil.

The Washington conservative/GOP elite have become so tainted by their hatred of President Donald J. Trump they are willing to literally sell their souls, and the well-being of we the little people, to salve that hate. It renders them incapable of making decisions that are logical and even remotely altruistic.  All they are able to see is their own twisted agenda, which they have decided is best for everyone.

Their latest salvo is to recruit someone – anyone – to primary President Trump in 2020.  Once this happens, he is a lame duck.  When a seated POTUS is primaried, for their second term, they almost always lose.  Not only that, but they take the party down with them.  The intellectual, inside the beltway right is willing to allow the Dems to not only take the White House, but the House and the Senate, in order to get rid of someone they consider unfit for office.

The fix is in to the point where I will bet my toy poodle on the fact that they are all preparing for President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., who is, though extremely liberal, one of them.  Liberal is acceptable as long as that liberal is one of their own.  Hillary Clinton was one of their own.  Sarah Palin was not, and had to be destroyed. There is a lesson to be learned here.  Only certain individuals should be allowed to run for POTUS.  They must be part of the little insiders club of self-congratualory men and women (but primarily men) who know their assigned place in the world.

They like John Kasich.  They tolerate Mike Pence.  The reason they are tolerable is the insiders know good and well they will not be able to win if they primary Trump.  Pence might be able to pull-off 2024, but, if he primaries Trump, his career is DOA.  They also know that reprehensible little toad, Evan McMullin, will do anything and betray anyone to be the nominee.

Like the left, these good conservatives don’t care if we the little people have no health care.  They don’t care if we are destroyed by taxes.  They don’t care one little bit about us.  We are nothing but cannon fodder, useless corpses to be ground into dust, so they can maintain the status quo.

Don’t get me wrong, the Democrats are just as bad.  They just do things differently.  Once they are in power, they learn how to work within that power.  Republicans are incapable of doing anything like that.  They are fearful little men and women, so determined that the Dems will once again be back in power, they are willing to destroy anyone who might be a success, in order to insure their place in the world.

The courageous conservatives who betray President Trump are assured a piece of the pie.  They get soundbites, invites to talk shows, and maybe even gigs to wax poetic about how they were right and we the little people were so stupid.  There will be book contracts and invitations to lecture at prestigious universities. They will skip back to the beltway and take their place at the Sunday round table, talking about how dastardly the new Democrats are, but they will be laughing all the way to the bank.

In the meantime, they will rejoice with I told you so, as one by one, the Democrats fabricate ways to completely destroy the Trump family and anyone who dared work with them.  Lessons must be taught, painful lessons, to insure that we the little people don’t step out of line again.  It would be better if we did not even vote.  They will insure we are so dispirited and upset with the situation that we will do just that – never bother voting.  A generation will pass, and the world will right itself – for them.

All it takes is just one Republican willing to primary President Trump in 2020.  They don’t need to win.  All they  need to do is cause the primary.  That’s all it will take.


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  1. Whoever becomes POTUS they will have to deal with the fact that 2020 is a zero factor year. There is a curse on it.

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