The Dastardly Consequences of Liberal Appeasement


We are in this mess with North Korea because of two Democratic presidents – Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.  We are also in this mess with North Korea because of the abjectly insane hatred of Donald Trump that is ripping this nation apart, just so the media can destroy anyone who dares get in their way.  Earlier on Tuesday, Senator Dianne Feinstein was complaining about President Trump’s approach to North Korea.  There are times when it is acceptable to say what you think and then there are times when the powers that be in DC need to keep their big fat mouths shut.  This is one of those times.

There are actually people in this country who truly believe President Trump is mentally ill.  They’ve been reading to many hyperbolic inanities from the far left.  Of course they are exaggerating their positions.  They are being paid to be over-the-top. With the exception of Trump-haters who are never going to give the man a break, normal people in this country understand the nature of the beast.  The problem is in the translation.

Honesty is needed here.  One of the greatest lessons my favorite teacher gave to me, aside from forcing me to become a writer, and teaching me about politics, was empathy.  He believed in empathy when learning about history and studying the psychology of our enemies.  We must learn what made them ‘tick’. Even though he was horribly tortured in a Nazi POW camp during WWII, leaving him with PTSD that eventually destroyed him, he forced us to understand why Hitler was able to grasp power.

There is a reason North Korea is insane at this moment.  If Kim Jong Un thinks Donald Trump is insane, then he has given himself a reason to start down this horrifying path. During the Korean War, we bombed cities in North Korea to the point where upward of two million civilians were killed.  That’s a lot of people. All he needs to do is reference that and scare his population even farther.  It gives him a ‘reason’ to escalate and threaten.

Thanks to the left in this country, along with the Never-Trumpers of the GOP, our new POTUS is seen as incompetent and unstable.  When you add the Muller witch hunt, and threats to destroy Trump via this silent coup, our nation is now in a critically dangerous situation.  Everytime a liberal opens their big fat mouth, the situation gets worse.

What is it going to take to satisfy the haters?

Right now a nasty and evil little madman how has what he has so long desired – the full attention of the world.

Where is James Bond when you need him?


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  1. In dealing with Japan, Harry Truman said, “When you have to deal with a beast, you have to treat him like a beast.”

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