UPDATED: Adventures in Censorship


UPDATE:  The YouTube clip I used about George Soros was working at midnight, last night.  Now it isn’t.  I am inserting another clip.  Let’s see if this works.  And – I’m still being censored on Twitter.

ORIGINAL POST:  Welcome to the brave new world of social media, where any voice which dares stray from the liberal and politically correct party line must be censored.  If you do now bow to that censorship, you will be destroyed. It’s that simple. James Damore knows all about it.  Just don’t Google him.  They fired him for telling the truth about their diversity and their censorship.  Since they fired him, all heck has broken out!

The now former Google employee started a chain-reaction across social media.  Diamond & Silk have had their monetized YouTube posts, which have been up for two years, basically censored as unfit to be monetized.  This happened Wednesday night.  Anything on YouTube that criticizes Islam and is monetized has been disrupted.  Conservatives on Facebook are having their posts blocked.  On Twitter they are going after us.

I’m one of the censored.  I’ve been shadowbanned.  That means my original Tweets can only be seen if I send them directly to someone.  I finally discovered how to test the system.  I’ve been banned for months.  The only way I can get out of twitter jail is by tweeting about other things.

Twitter screen shot

Sure, it’s complementary, but it is also censorship.  I am no longer allowed to express myself.  Oh, I can, but no one is going to see it.  It’s the twitter jail.  There are some experts who say that Twitter does not shadowban, but we now know that is not true.  I sent a tweet complaining to CEO Jack Dorsey.  I will probably end up completely expelled from Twitter, then completely silenced.


That’s how liberals do things now.  They censor.  The stop us from speaking.  They lie about what we are doing.  It is about silencing the opposition.  In a way, this is becoming truly frightening.  The worst of it is, so many good liberals and Democrats don’t even see what’s going on here.  They’re ignoring it.  After all, we’re conservative, and support President Trump, so we are to be ignored because they hate President Trump. They are so very smug and know so darn much more than we do, even if the primary source for their news is recycled junk on Facebook, Huffington Post, or Salon.  They don’t pay attention to the real world.  All they need is their hate.  Because they hate Trump, it is perfectly acceptable to silence us.

We must be silenced for the sake of diversity.
We are silenced because we are trying to stand up for women fighting Islam.
We are silenced for supporting Trump.
We are to be shattered for exposing the lies of Planned Parenthood.
We aren’t to disagree with Media Matters, Think Progress, or anything funded by Soros.
No one is to know that George Soros, the money behind the DNC, Clintons was a Nazi.

He is the money behind the liberal women’s march against Trump.

NY Times

I’m referencing the NYTimes because liberals refuse to believe anything that might reek of conservative bias.  We’re stupid, ignorant, unwashed, uneducated, racist, mostly Christian bigots, while they lap up anything from organizations and groups funded by a man who betrayed Jews to the Gestapo. They call us the fascists and Nazis, but, you know, we’re just fighting not to have our voices censored.  The good liberals I know are going to run to Polifact and Snopes (and their soap opera life)to prove I am lying.  FYI: I do not us anything connected with the Koch Machine.

I’m tired of this shit.  I am being censored because of what I believe. If you think that is a good thing, no matter what your political beliefs, then you are part of the problem.  I don’t think censorship of any form is reasonable.  In this country, it violates the First Amendment.  I gather though, if we support Donald Trump, our rights don’t matter all that much.

Wait until they come after you.



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  1. This censorship has been going on for years but no one paid any attention. People like me who were banned from Twitter and who spent 30 days in the facebook sin bin over and over again couldn’t get anyone to pay attention. So now it is happening to bigger accounts. Don’t say y’all weren’t wared.

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