The Racist Smear


In today’s post Barack Obama world, where everything has a racial component, the quickest way to destroy someone is to call them a racist. By doing that, they are automatically ruined.  It doesn’t matter if the accusation is true.  Just being associated with the word is enough to cause a person to be discharged from their employment.  They can have their children removed from their homes.  Liberal high-tech is even plotting to silence them, denying basic civil rights.  Isn’t that ironic?

A person can be a pedophile.  For Democrats that’s almost a badge of honor.  They can lie.  They can cheat on a spouse.  They can disrupt anything, ruin lives, you name it.  But, if they’re proclaimed a racist, it’s over, the end.

If you are identified as a White Supremacist, you now run the risk of having your First Amendment rights deleted.  You have none.  A person who identifies with Antifa has no problem.  They’re not held accountable for any of their violence. They only hate those who disagree with them.  Since they are spouting the Soros party line, they are clean and pure.

Daily Wire

I’m so disgusted with how the media and the cowards of the GOP who are doing nothing but lying about President Trump.  The only thing he did wrong was dare say that there were liberals out in this world who are as violent as the right.

What white supremacists and the KKK believe is reprehensible.  What Black Lives Matter believes is equally troubling.  The problem is, due to the fact that they are of the liberal persuasion, BLM is the hero of the hour.  The problem is, unless the Constitution is changed, and when this happens, our country is lost, the evil white guys have the same rights as Black Lives Matter.  We all have the same Constitutional rights.

Has anyone noticed the bitter irony of the new self-righteous censorship and discrimination? White Supremacists and KKK members are now denied web hosting by Google, Go Daddy, and funding via PayPal.  AirBnb will not allow them to use their services.  People are losing their jobs via doxing.  Sorry, but as a group, they cannot be denied these things, without the deniers violating the law.  Like Tucker Carlson said this evening, just mentioning this will be enough for the SPLC to start listing him as a racist.