It Depends on Who the White Supremacists Are…?


Liberals are amazing creatures.  Currently, it is imperative they destroy President Trump by lumping him in with white supremacists, neo-Nazis, KKK, that sort of thing.  They are doing it because their campaign to destroy him via Russia is failing.  One of the top FBI investigators if off the case.  Rep. Dana Rohrabacher may now have enough ammunition to stop the witch hunt against President Trump.  There’s one other little thing, no one is mentioning.  Have you noticed the number of African American ministers coming to the defense of our President?  The left is in bad shape.  I suspect the Democrats are in danger of losing their choke-hold on certain ethic voting blocks.  When that happens, it’s over.

A few years ago that lovely little Russian girl group, Pussy Riot desecrated a historic church.  They were arrested for their vandalism.  The only reason I paid attention to it was because my favorite opera superstar became the ONLY leading celebrity on the planet to say what they were, and to defend the sanctity of the church.

I started investigating Pussy Riot.  Well…what no one bothered to mention is they are attached to the most violent white supremacist – neo nazi group in Europe – Hammerskin. At the time, that wasn’t a problem.  They were pure and holy because Putin and Russia were evil.  White supremacist & violent neo nazis = good but Christian Russians = evil.

Trust me, the left here in this country will still support them.  After all, only Trump voters are white supremacists.  The real problem in this country is that Barack Obama created this mess.  He and his little Democrats manipulated racism in order to defeat the GOP at the ballot box.  Unfortunately, most elected GOP officials are so stupid, they don’t comprehend the scam.  Donald Trump does.   The real irony?  Barack Obama made a habit of supporting very real Nazis in Europe, yet the Dems are trying to destroy Trump for something he said that they said he did not say loud enough.

These people will do anything to destroy Trump, even shatter the Constitution in the process.



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  1. If anybody is interested in hearing the other side of the story at Charlottesville, click on the site, Free North Carolina and listen to the video – Charlottesville- what the mainstream media is not telling you.

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