National Statuary Hall for We the Little People


Let’s learn from the past. It is time to change National Statuary Hall in the US Capitol.  And, yes I don’t approve of removing statues.  But – when I was listening to a news clip today, I began to wonder why John C. Calhoun’s statue was in place for South Carolina, but someone like Ron McNair was being ignored.  If I lived in SC, I would start agitating to replace what is currently in the Capitol Rotunda, with McNair, who lost his life on Challenger.  The other person who should be honored is Shoeless Joe Jackson, from Anderson.

The people honored in the National Statuary Hall are a self-congratulary list of of all the right people. There are no ‘little people’.  With the exception of Helen Keller and Thomas Edison, how man people honored are much of anything but a politician?  You know, it is a national disgrace.


No politicians allow! There is only one exception and that would be Ohio – John Glenn. Seriously, we are at each other’s throats. Let’s do something fun, positive, and unified.  Please keep sharing this with comments with your choices. And people can still be alive!  They need not be born in that state but identified with it. Each state gets two. No quotas. No people who have been dead for more than a century.   Absolutely nothing political, industrial, religious, or economic.  They must be we the little people.

I spent several hours researching each state.  I’ve come up with a preliminary list that I like.  It is naturally heavy on astronauts and baseball players.  But, honestly, when you think of Georgia, you think of Hank Aaron and Ray Charles.   What people have touched lives, changing them for the better, or enriching them?  There are a heck of a lot of choices from Texas, but, when you think of the legacy of Gene Roddenberry, it is overwhelming.  We have a space program – today – because of him.   There should be no quotas and it should be free from political correctness.

Alabama:  Harper Lee
Alabama:  Jesse Owens


Arizona:  Linda Ronstadt
Arizona:  Barbara Eden

Arkansas:  Maya Angelou
Arkansas:  Johnny Cash

California:  Sally Ride
California:  George Lucas

Colorado: John Denver
Colorado: Scott Carpenter



Florida:  Sidney Portier

Georgia:  Henry Louis Aaron
Georgia:  Ray Charles

Hawaii:  Jim Nabors
Hawaii:  Don Ho


Illinois:  Wyatt Earp
Illinois:   Nichelle Nichols

Indiana:  Hoagy Carmichael
Indiana:  Cole Porter

Iowa:  John Wayne

Kansas:  John Jordan O’Neil
Kansas:  Amelia Earhart

Kentucky:  Muhammad Ali
Kentucky:  Johnny Unitas

Louisiana:  Louis Armstrong
Louisiana:   Antoine “Fats” Domino, Jr

Maine:  John Ford
Maine:  Andrew Wyeth

Maryland:  Tom Clancy
Maryland:  Babe Ruth

Massachusetts:  Leonard Bernstein
Massachusetts:  Theodore Geisel

Michigan:  Stevie Wonder

Minnesota:  Charles Shultz

Mississippi:  Leontyne Price
Mississippi:  BB King

Missouri:  Dick Van Dyke
Missouri:  Ginger Rogers

Montana:  David Lynch
Montana:  Gary Cooper

Nevada:  Jack Wilson
Nevada:  Wayne Newton

New Hampshire:  Alan Shepherd
New Hampshire:

New Mexico:  Tony Hillerman
New Mexico:  Robert Goddard

New York:  Lucille Ball
New York:  Carl Sagan

Nebraska:  Henry Fonda

New Jersey:  Frank Sinatra
New Jersey:  Dave Thomas

North Carolina:  Dale Earnhardt
North Carolina:  Richard Petty

North Dakota:  Louis L’Amour
North Dakota:

Ohio:  John Glenn
Ohio:  Neil Armstrong

Oklahoma:  Gordon Cooper
Oklahoma:  Mickey Mantle

Oregon:  James Beard
Oregon:  Steve Prefontaine

Pennsylvania:  Arnold Palmer
Pennsylvania:  Jimmy Stewart

Rhode Island:
Rhode Island:

South Carolina:  Challenger Astronaut Ron McNair
South Carolina: Shoeless Joe Jackson

South Dakota:  Oscar Howe
South Dakota:  Sparky Anderson

Tennessee: Elvis
Tennessee:  Dolly Parton

Texas:  Gene Roddenberry
Texas:  Willie Nelson

Utah:  Merlin Olsen
Utah:  Loretta Young


Virginia:  Arthur Ashe
Virginia:  Ella Fitzgerald

Washington:  Jim Hendrix
Washington:  Bing Crosby

West Virginia:  Chuck Yeager
West Virginia:  Pearl S. Buck

Wisconsin:  Laura Ingalls Wilder
Wisconsin:  Frank Lloyd Wright

Wyoming:  Curt Gowdy
Wyoming:  Jackson Pollock

Oh, heck, let’s be honest.  This is the making of a National Hall of Fame. It needs to be in the Capitol.  The list should be decided by real little people and not important politicians.  It needs to be about people.