Part I: Nazis in the Closet


Our country is currently experiencing some of the most irrational hype I’ve had the misfortune to endure during my life.  It is nothing more than the ongoing attempt to stage a coup against the duly elected President of the United States, primarily because he won and the anointed one lost.  In order to facilitate this coup, the left, media, Democrats, and far too many Republicans are complicit.  People have lost perspective – or have they.

I made an interesting discovery on Sunday.  Unless you are wired to Twitter, or a political junkie like I am, I doubt if you are even paying attention to the critical social upheavals allegedly going on in this nation. If recent polls are to be believed, something like 65% of the American people want Confederate and Civil War statues and monuments to remain.  11% don’t care.  The rest, less 25% want them destroyed.

Perhaps we are a bit too hysterical.  The past few days, I’ve been subjected to a steady stream of what I frankly consider irrational criticism because I have had no problem stating there are things far worse than a bunch of seriously disturbed idiots marching behind a Nazi flag. (Part II of this series.)  I suspect this is where I smugly begin lecturing about the advantage of a minor in the humanities.  One of the problems we are experiencing in this country is the fact that the Millennials are the first generation of college students not to have some experience with the humanities.  It is all about STEM.  Ironically, the vast majority of people arrested for or who have committed acts of terror have been STEM majors, specifically engineers.

The right is hysterical because of Antifa.  The left is hysterical because of a few of seriously disturbed twits waving Nazi flags.  They have lost all perspective and a sense of proportion.  It is increasingly obvious someone needs to step in and try explaining the facts of life.   Once again, I will reiterate, there are far worse things than a group of seriously disturbed people marching behind a Nazi flag.

Columbia University professor, and forensic psychologist Michael Stone has codified a list of varying degrees of evil, much like Dante’s levels of hell in Purgatory.  There are Nine Circles of Hell.

  1. Limbo – the unbaptized and virtuous pagans
  2. Lust – famous lovers who brought evil with them
  3. Gluttony – addictions
  4. Greed – avaricious, miserly (he included many popes, clergy, cardinals)
  5. Wrath – anger, violence, destruction
  6. Heresy – screwing up the faith
  7. Violence – against neighbors, suicides, impure violence
  8. Fraud – Panderers, seducers, flatters, those who exploit other people
  9. Treachery – Cain, Mordred (look it up), Judas Iscariot, then Lucifer

The Eight Circle was called MalebolgeDorothy L. Sayers, better known for her amazing Lord Peter Wimsy mysteries, wrote:

“… “the image of the City in corruption: the progressive disintegration of every social relationship, personal and public. Sexuality, ecclesiastical and civil office, language, ownership, counsel, authority, psychic influence, and material interdependence – all the media of the community’s interchange are perverted and falsified“…”

The sections of Malebolge are known as Bolgia.

“…Bolgia One: Panderers and Seducers are punished here. They are forced to march, single file around the circumference of their circle, constantly lashed by horned demons.

Bolgia Two: Sinners guilty of excessive flattery are punished in this bolgia, immersed forever in a river of human excrement, similar to what their flatteries were.

Bolgia Three: Simoniacs (sinners guilty of selling church offices for personal gain) are punished here. They are turned upside down in large baptismal fonts cut into the rock, with their feet set ablaze by oily fires. The heat of the flames burns according to the guilt of the sinner.

Bolgia Four: Astrologers, seers, sorcerers and others who attempted to pervert God’s laws to divine the future are punished here. Their heads have been twisted around to face backwards, and thus they are forced to walk backwards around the circumference of their circle for all eternity.

Bolgia Five: Grafters (speculators, extortionists, blackmailers and unscrupulous businessmen: sinners who used their positions in life to gain personal wealth or other advantages for themselves) are punished by being thrown into a river of boiling pitch and tar. In addition, should any of the grafters try to escape the pitch, a horde of demons (“Malebranche”, meaning “evil claws”) armed with grappling hooks and barbs stands guard over them, ready to tear them to pieces.

Bolgia Six: Hypocrites are punished in this circle. They are forced to wear heavy lead robes as they walk around the circumference of their circle. The robes are golden and resemble a monk’s cowl but are lined with heavy lead, symbolically representing hypocrisy. Also, Caiaphas, the Pharisee who insisted on the execution of Jesus, is crucified in this circle, staked to the ground so that the ranks of the lead-weighted hypocrites march across him.

Bolgia Seven: This bolgia houses the souls of thieves. The bolgia is also filled with serpents, dragons and other vengeful reptiles that torture the thieves endlessly. The bites of some of the snakes cause the thieves to spontaneously combust, only to regenerate their bodies for further torment in a few moments. They are pursued by the monstrous fiery Cacus. Other thieves are denied human forms and appear as reptiles themselves, and can only assume their true shape if they steal a human shape from another sinner; this involves a very painful transformation for both souls involved.

Bolgia Eight: In this trench, the souls of Deceivers who gave false or corrupted advice to others for personal benefit are punished. They are constantly ablaze, appearing as nothing so much as living, speaking tongues of flame.

Bolgia Nine: Sinners who, in life, promoted scandals, schism, and discord are punished here; particularly those who caused schism within the church or within politics. They are forced to walk around the circumference of the circle bearing horrible, disfiguring wounds inflicted on them by a great demon with a sword. The nature of the wound mirrors the sins of the particular soul; while some only have gashes, or fingers and toes cut off, others are decapitated, cut in half (as schismatics), or are completely disemboweled. Among those who are tormented here is Bertran de Born, who carries around his severed head like a lantern.

Bolgia Ten: Falsifiers, those who attempted to alter things through lies or alchemy, or those who tried to pass off false things as real things, such as counterfeiters of coins, are punished here. This bolgia has four subdivisions where specific classes of falsifiers (alchemists, impostors, counterfeiters, and liars) endure different degrees of punishment based on horrible, consumptive diseases such as rashes, dropsy, leprosy and consumption….”

There are degrees of evil.  Erika Gray wrote:

“…we read in Proverbs 6:12-19 about a worthless and wicked person.  In the passage  we read of arrogance, lying, deceit, sowing of discord, feet swift to turn to evil and devising wicked plans and committing murder.   

This is the Bible’s description of a psychopath and this is  a person who has gone beyond being a sinner to becoming evil. This person has no good left in them.  When I authored my true crime story, the Wind Cries Mary, and I wrote about serial killers, I wondered if there was any decency in them.  People  in life who seemed evil I used to think that underneath was a wounded person who was not all bad.  I realized I was wrong.  The final degree of evil in the Bible is attributed to Judas Iscariot and the Antichrist.   These two men are so wicked the Devil personally enters them.  The Antichrist is referred to as vile.  So we go from sinful, to wicked to vile. Judas was a deceiver, a thief, a betrayer whose god was a buck and who was taken over by greed.  The Antichrist is the embodiment of all evil and stands against God and Christ  and declares that he is god.  We know that he will mass murder innocents, commit the ultimate idolatry and he is a master deceiver….”

Michael Stone’s Scale of Evil:

  1. Justified Homicide – not evil
  2. Impulsive Murder – ordinary people caught in circumstances
  3. Willing Companions Of Killers – often driven by impulse
  4. Provocative “Self-Defense” – not entirely innocent but not entirely guilty
  5. Desperate Measures – driven to their actions, but remorseful
  6. Hot Heads – killers who act impulsively but without psychopathic traits
  7. Narcissists – not true psychopaths
  8. Fit of Rage – someone with a smoldering rage
  9. Jealous Lovers – psychopathic
  10. In The Way Killers – not fully psychopathic, but egocentric
  11. In the Way Killers – psychopaths – not usually premeditated
  12. Power Hungry & Cornered – Jim Jones
  13. Inadequate & Rageful – psychopathic impulses and prone to rage
  14. Schemers – self-centered and psychopathic
  15. Cold-Blooded Spree – Charles Manson
  16. Vicious Psychopaths – multiple vicious acts, murder, rape, mutilation
  17. Sexually Perverse – Ted Bundy
  18. Torturing Murderers – Gary Ridgeway – Green River Killer
  19. Non-Homicidal Psychopaths – do not kill, yet rape, subjugation, intimidation terrorism
  20. Murdering Torturers – Psychotic, legally insane
  21. Pure Torturers – preoccupied with torture, never convicted with murder
  22. Psychopathic Torture-Murderers – Jeffrey Dahmer

Now, do you see where stupid idiots, marching behind a Nazi flag fit in this?  They don’t.  They aren’t nice people.  The majority of followers have serious emotional disorders.  People who gravitate to extreme groups like the KKK, Neo-Nazis, Antifa, Black Lives Matter, etc. quite often have very serious mental illness.

What’s the difference?


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