Part III, Nazis in the Closet


This is the third part of this series.  For Part I  and Part II:

There is nothing new about the idiots on the far left suggesting President Donald Trump be assassinated.  The idiots on the far right did the same thing when it came to Barack Obama.  Funny thing, though.  When the threats were made against Obama, the Democrats framed it as racism.  When it comes to Trump, the Democrats still claim racism, as an excuse to forgive anyone who wants to harm the President.  They have manipulated a person who has been recognized for his work with minorities, into a racist.  The left, via the Obama Administration and the SPLC began demonizing southerners in June, 2015 following the Charleston shooting.  It had NOTHING to do with racism and everything to do with political manipulation.

I am an opera fan, okay fanatic.  Two of the most important things in life are baseball and opera.  They both require a rather amusing sense of fanaticism, that you find in other normal insanities of life.  It is a condition shared by the average sport’s fan, Trekkie, movie maven, and so forth and so on ad nauseum. It is not a terminal condition, even if your family and friends want to do something drastic. It is also all in good, clean fun.

But, there is a moment when something can cross the line. That normal opera fanatic, or movie freak can turn into a stalker. Having been known to obsessively stalk a baritone or two, even that is just normal, and in good clean fun.  In opera, we ‘obsessive’ fans have a tendency to become create a bond with the object of our irrational attraction.  They get to know us, and, eventually refuse to sign another autographed photo, saying we have enough to wallpaper the guest bath.  Opera is a funny business.  We obsessive idiots are needed.  There have been moments when I’ve had some of the top voices in the world reach out for help or ask me to show up at a certain autograph session.  There was an instance where someone was harassed, backstage. My mother, who would go backstage at the Met, with me, was spotted by the legendary superstar.  He was almost hysterical, walking over to her, to just cling.

Yes, we are normal in an abnormal sort of way.  You don’t lose your mind over your fandom, and you know when to walk away, and act like a grown-up. When someone crosses the line, it can become terrifying.  Just look at Rebecca Schaeffer.  The  stalker crosses the line, the same way John Hinkley, Jr. did with his obsession for Jodie Foster.  He tried to kill the President of the United States to impress her.

People are attracted to various and sundry religions, political parties, politicians, and ideologies. As a whole, these are not evil.  It isn’t a problem, unless, like that stalker, someone goes over the edge and becomes a fanatic.  The great Gene Roddenberry was quit proud of the way he was able to channel marginalized science fiction geeks into something good.  That is why he was so careful with Star Trek.  He was well aware that a certain age person, living in their parents’ basement, searching for meaning, unemployed, or marginally employed need guidance or they can find themselves mixed-up with very questionable ideologies.  That perfectly describes BAMN.  It is a far left, Maoist cult.  Their militant associates are the Antafa.

Those who become involved in cults, movements, ideologies and become radicalized do it for different reason.  The fit into several categories:

  • manipulated
  • manipulators
  • marganialized
  • mentally ill

They can be all of the above, unfortunately.  When I was in high school, the person I consider my mentor had been the guests of the Nazis, enjoying the luxury of one of their POW camps for about a year, until he escaped.  Captured during the battle of Tobruk, escaping in time to rejoin the Third Army in Sicily. There, he became attached to Patton’s staff and was with him during the infamous slapping incident.

If anyone had cause to hate Nazis, it would have been Mr. P.  Instead, he taught us to understand why people react the way they do.  History, he taught me, was to be understood.  Hitler could not have risen to power without the assistance of thousands of disenfranchised young men who had no job, no hope, and no future.  A life-long Republican, Mr. P. fully understood the one thing Franklin D. Roosevelt did, via the New Deal, was to find employment for the same class of young man, here in the United States.

In many ways, that is exactly what we are dealing with here in the United States at this moment in time.  There are tens of thousands of Millennial who have become almost disenfranchised from society, not due to economic circumstances, but brainwashing.  They were raised in such a way that they don’t have a grasp on reality. Many of them are incapable of critical thinking because of the failure of the education process.

When people are brainwashed and they are mentally ill, then brought into an extreme ideology, they can be manipulated and taught to hate.  No one joins an ideologically questionable group in a bubble.  They are attracted to it.   BAMN, is a violent cult.

At this moment in time, BAMN is far more dangerous to this country than the far right. The problem is the fact that the Obama Administration greatly exaggerated the danger of the far right in order to manipulate votes and voters.

There Aren’t All That Many White Supremacists