Part VI: Nazis in the Closet


This is the sixth of a seven part series, which will conclude on Monday. I have been studying the movements of the disgusting extreme right for at least 12 years. There are certain facts that one quickly learns. First, they are not all that rational. Second, they aren’t bright, and third, they are seriously disturbed. Nothing illustrates this more than the tragic saga of J. T. Ready.  There are very real, viscous, and nasty Nazis in the world today and the Obama Administration helped fund it.

J. T. Ready and His Merry Band of Neo-Nazis Ready to Defend the Border!

The tale of J. T. Ready and Russell Pearce are connected in several different ways.  The problem with people like this is they cannot ‘last’.  There is something wrong with them, emotionally.  They eventually are like a tired, sugared-up three year old, and compensate.

Sometimes People Get What’s Coming to Them – Russell Pearce

“…The Anti-Defamation Leagueand the Southern Poverty Law Center described Ready as a neo-Nazi. Several Republicans attempted to have him expelled from his position in the party in Maricopa County due to his controversial views. Before starting a campaign for the position of Pinal County sheriff, he left the National Socialist Movement, but had Movement member Harry Hughes serving as his campaign chairman. He ran for sheriff as a Democrat, citing the party’s past support for Jim Crow and Democratic politicians who had supported racial segregation, such as Robert Byrd and George Wallace, as well as stating his opinion that there was no difference between the Republican and Democratic parties, and that in a non-partisan position such as sheriff, political affiliation did not matter. After Ready’s death, former Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce released a statement saying that he had previously rejected Ready due to his association with “despicable groups in society”, and had objected to Ready’s position in the Republican Party. “…”

It breeds domestic violence.

NY Times

We are constantly told that white supremacists are a growing threat, greater than domestic terrorism.  If you look at the most recent FBI most wanted in domestic terror, well, that’s not quite true.  I don’t like Snoops.  If you read through the lines, articles like this misrepresent white supremacists, grossly over-inflating their numbers.  Never underestimate the threat of mental illness that weaves through all extremist groups.

Part VII will continue on Sunday.