Part V: Nazis in the Closet


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Have you ever known a racist and a bigot? I have. I grew up in the South during the era of Civil Rights. I never ONCE heard anyone use the “N-Word”. Sorry, but I never did. I’ve heard it used in South Florida. When I came of age, in the ‘Deep South’, everyone was trying to overcome the stigma of racism and bigotry by desegregating as quickly as possible. One thing I found fascinating was the one segment of the population, the lower classes, the ones Dems today accuse of being monsters of dripping bigotry and racism became parents and grandparents of mixed race married children, mixed race grandchildren, and golly gee… loved them just as much as if they weren’t mixed race or of their own race.

Get it?


How can a segment of the population be bigoted when they are co-habitating? It’s like Donald Trump accused of being a Nazi. He has a daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren who are Jewish. He loves them.

This is a photo of a beautiful child.  The problem is the photo is abjectly racist.  Why is it racist?  The child is Caucasian. The ACLU, in bowing to racism and the pressure to be racist, brazenly and ruthlessly used a photo of an adorable little kid when discussing the future of this country.  The very process of using a photo of a child who is not a minority is racist.  Just being a person who is not a minority is a sign of racism and privilege.

When dealing with the far right, there is far more bigotry against certain segments of immigrant populations than races.  The bitter irony is the hatred toward those populations was not created by the GOP, but spawned by an extremely liberal sponsor and advocate of Planned Parenthood, John Tanton.

FAIR, Vdare, Racism, Hate & Little White Bigots

The usual suspects once included:

  • John Tanton
  • Numbers USA
  • Council of Conservative Citizens
  • Stormfront
  • Vdare
  • American Renaissance
  • Jarrod Taylor
  • Michelle Malkin
  • Pat Buchanan
  • Tom Tancredo
  • FAIR
  • Dan Stein
  • Mark Kirkorian
  • Political Cesspool
  • Ron Paul
  • James Edwards
  • Institute for Historical Review
  • Constitution Party
  • Taki Magazine
  • Occidental Observer
  • Voice of Reason
  • Liberty News Network
  • New American (part of the John Birch Society)
  • Campus Liberty Alliance
  • Freedom Project
  • John Birch Society
  • Character First Education

The worst racist I’ve ever met? I’ve only known one person who uses the “N-Word” on a somewhat regular basis when describing people from another race.  This person is very well educated, with a master’s degree.  Coming from a fairly wealthy family, I don’t think this nominally very well-off person would even employ someone of another race.  This person is a liberal and is not now, nor has ever been a Republican, and did not come from the South.

What about the list above?  There are some very bad people in it.   One needs to understand how it bisects various groups.

Michelle Malkin is the darling of FOX.  She writes for an online publication called VDare, founded by Peter Brimelow, identical twin brother of John, who was once the big Kahuna neo-Nazi in the US. They are tight with Taki Magazine and Steven Sailer, who is a white supremacist.  They associate with former GOP Congressman Tom Tancredo.  He associates with Jarred Taylor, who manages American Renaissance, which is part of the Council of Conservative Citizens.  Their neo-Nazi goose-stepping friends at Stormfront.

The dirty little secret about the GOP is the fact that Republicans are far from racist.  The problem is the fact that Democrats have been allowed to paint us into the racist narrative. I’ve been involved in the GOP most of my life. All local, county, state, and national Republicans want is to recruit minorities and push then into quite prominent leadership rolls.  Have you ever noticed how few people who are not white are allowed to run for POTUS as Dems?

Deal with it.

Funny thing, but the only people I ever saw denigrate Barack Obama by race were/are liberals.  We Republicans are still so miffed with his socialism, no need for racism.  The dirtiest word in our lexicon is ‘socialist’.

The series continues, tomorrow.

P. S.  When a Republican sees a political recruit who is minority, they see a potential party leader and office holder.  When a Democrat sees a political recruit who is minority, they see another notch in their voting block.