Part VII: Nazis in the Closet


This is a final in a series of seven loosely and very poorly organized articles about ‘Nazis’ here in the US.  The short answer is, yes, they do exist.  The longer answer is – it’s complicated.  They do exist.  There aren’t very many, and most of them are the losers of life. They are truly vile individuals.  Let’s face it, what kind of person identifies with such a horrific moment in time?  To do so is not rational.  To be a member of Antifa is not rational.  The honest answer is we’re dealing with the same mentality, just different socio-economic groups.  They are filled with so much hate that they are basically incapable of surviving long in the real world.  We know from bitter experience most individuals involved in various forms of hate, be them liberal or conservative are not ‘normal’ people.  They have a screw loose, to put it nicely.

First, today, in the world, there are very real Nazis, and not the emotionally disturbed and stunted idiots who worship them here in the US.  We are told to ignore the acts of violence committed against Christians by the same organizations who are damning we Christians as bigots and white supremacists.

There is a story-line that we are dealing with a growing threat of white supremacists. Anyone who dared question this is labeled as such by the SPLC which is a ruin of what it once was. New America Foundation is a leading voice in the study of the growing threat of white supremacists. Even the ultra conservative Washington Times quotes the study. As usual, one must read between the links.

New America Foundation

Yes, you saw the name:  Jonathan Soros, son of George.

There Aren’t All That Many White Supremacists

The Demonetization of Christianity in the US Has Begun

One of the truly sad things is that, thanks to the Obama Administration manipulating racism and hate in order to pander for votes, all things ‘Dixie’ – Southern – are considered evil and racist.  When dealing with complicit media, and truly uneducated snowflakes, it is a very real problem.

Zero Hedge

Where does this take us?

There are very bad people in the world.  Anyone who identifies as Nazi or KKK is a bad person.  White supremacists are a little different, but can easily cross the line to the very dark side.  The object it to educate yourself on the various movements and not be manipulated by anyone.  Ninety-five percent of those who are in the KKK and are Neo-Nazis are follower drones.  They are misfits, who belong nowhere, and only want to be important.  They also have an evil twist to their soul.  The leaders are sick, twisted,  individuals who have blackness instead of a soul.  Never fear – there are leaders – and – David Duke is not one of them.  He is, in many ways, not even part of the same movement.

There are those of us who think Duke is a paid stooge, a useful idiot, tool of those who want to manipulate and destroy the GOP.  We also have a tendency to think the so-called ‘leadership’ of the horrific situation in Charlottesville had nothing to do with the ‘usual suspects’ but were also bought and paid for by the opposition.  There are rumors…

The truly horrific neo-Nazis in this country live on compounds, surrounded by their devoted, cult like followers.  They are rarely seen in public, and would never attend public rallies, not willing to draw attention to themselves.  There are good reasons for that – most of them are basically one foot away from a federal indictment or two.  They excel in gun-running, possibly trafficking in illegal substances, and other things to supplement their shady-lives.  They also have nothing,absolutely nothing to do with the small fry, who are jokes to them, and their movement.

Do we need to fear them?

Unless a person is related to any of these people, the chances of being harmed by them are minuscule.  They have a tendency to excel in domestic violence.  The Skinhead types are a vicious, evil gang, who are not part of society.  The wannabe crowd isn’t even kitty-litter to them.  The whole bunch have a shelf-life of maybe five years or so, then they somehow fall apart.  That’s what happens to seriously disturbed men and women living on the edge of society.

We will soon begin seeing the same thing with those involved in Antifa.

There is a heck of a lot more too this story.