The Rule of Law?


Allegedly, Justice is blind.  She is impartial and objective.  She is always shown blindfolded in order to prevent partiality.  That’s is allegedly.  Unfortunately, today, in the civilized world, Justice is no longer blind.  She must tip-toe, gently, through a minefield of political correctness, intentions, and unintentional racism.  The sins, not of the fathers or even great-grandfathers but a half dozen generations back from today must be visited upon those not in favor.  We must pay for what was done two hundred years ago, even if we weren’t even a glimmer in our ancestor’s evil eyes.

When a country develops a two-tier justice system, where some individuals and ideologies are favored over others, it is a sign that nation is in grave danger of morphing into something quite dark and evil.  Today, we are standing at the edge of a very high cliff, looking down on chaos.  We are living in a nation where liberal mayors are allowing select groups of people to literally violently assault their political enemies.  The Democratic Party is in the process of cultivating Antifa into their paramilitary enforcers, threatening anyone who dares speak or behave contrary to what is required.

In Europe refugees are allowed to rape, pillage, assault, and plunder with impunity. They are looked upon with pity.  After all, they are just ignorant young men, looking for their way in the world.  If they happen to rape a few women, molest a few children, and destroy a life or two along the way, that’s to be expected.  Their barbarian behavior must be expected and tolerated.

Here in the United States, we have seen the example of Europe and are rejecting it.  It isn’t that people in this country reject either refugees or immigrants.  We simply want the powers that be to follow the rule of law.  If people cannot obey our laws, then they have no right coming here to live, or even visit.  If people who live here cannot obey our laws, they need to be put into a situation where they are no longer a danger to others, i.e. prison.

Exceptions must be made.  The norms are no longer acceptable. When someone speaks out, they are demonized.  There are social consequences to be exacted for those of us who are foolish enough to demand and require rational and civilized behavior.  All one needs to do is watch a film of Antifa at work and realize they have regressed into little more than a mob of animals.

If good and decent people do not begin speaking up, and demanding a return to normality, I fear we are going to lose our country.  This is how revolutions begin, with mobs of ignorant and violent young people who have been given permission to destroy and silence at will.

God help us all.