Is the “Alt-Right” Becoming a Danger to Itself?


Everything I need to know in life I learned from Star Trek. It is important to keep this into perspective while dealing with the pro-Trump not-white-supremacist alt-right.  I’ve been following a number of the new guys on Twitter for about a year and a half or so.  They have this august opinion of themselves, that somehow they are almost single-handedly responsible for the election of President Donald J. Trump.  The amusing irony is the average person who voted for Trump is not on Twitter, limiting their actual impact to their own little fan-boy group.  They’ve sold a lot of their books and have succeeded in promoting themselves. That’s a good thing.  But – they may have created more problems for the new POTUS than help.

First, a year and a half ago, they were cozy with Richard Spencer, the now discredited white supremacist.  They were hanging out with some questionable individuals.  It is not a matter of the new guys attaching themselves to the questionable ones, but the questionable ones hitching their dimming influence to the new guys.

Before we go any farther, last week I did an extensive series about neo-Nazis in the US.  Next week, I will be delving into the questionably dubious connections between the far left and far right. The left, media, and his opposition was, early-on, trying to damn then candidate Trump over the foibles of the ‘alt-right’ and the dubious endorsement of one David Duke.  The so-called ‘alt-right’ is a rather new invention, a cross between libertarians, some GOP, and some very conservative individuals.  Aside from Richard Spencer, I had a difficult time finding all that many white supremacists in their ranks.  The media is trying to destroy anyone who used the term ‘nationalist’.  Today it is a combination of some of the questionable ones and the pig-headed. They’re some of the same people who are heading out to purchase their Confederate flags – to prove a point.  The irony here is the vast majority of Southern rednecks who are waving that Confederate flag are now living with families who are racially mixed.

The damage, though was done, the perfect storm of the pig-headed, the candidate who had to have the last word, and the media determined to manipulate a race war to help Hillary Clinton win.  The usual ‘racist’ suspects just weren’t involved with Trump’s candidacy.  From what I’ve been able to ascertain, more than a few are still among the ranks of the never-Trumpers.

There are things I don’t quite understand.  One of the leading new people, on Friday evening before the disaster in Charlottesville, Tweeted that Saturday was going to be violent.  He was part of the ‘new right’ group, who were trying to bridge the gap between the GOP, Alt-Right, white supremacists,KKK, and Neo-Nazis? (Why the hell would anyone want to do that?)  Why were they even associating with these people?  They did not help the POTUS they claim to support.

Then, the following Saturday, when Trump commented on the peaceful rally in Boston, they were ready to dump him.  Fact is, once Trump began to attempt to bring people together,they began to complain about him.  Now, come the outrageous headlines.  On Wednesday evening, someone Tweeted me, asking what on earth was wrong with one of these guys. They are getting close to jumping the shark.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t appreciate the new media constantly slamming the daughter and son-in-law of the President.  They act like ‘globalist’ is evil.  If Trump does not follow their agenda, they are already threatening to bolt and begin supporting someone else.

If nothing else highlights their political immaturity, this does. I don’t understand their agenda.  About a month ago, these same people began damning Star Trek as embedded with pedophiles.  The only way to describe it is they are on a pedophile witch hunt. We are dealing with a group of individuals who are slowly starting to prove they know nothing about politics or how things work.

One of these days they are going to start hurting our new President, rather than helping him. I think we are reaching that tipping point. It’s rather like they think they own the man, and will threaten to withdraw their support and take their legions of Twitter followers with them.  No, the established GOP media is hurting things, but the newcomers are not helping, not at all.