Dream a Little Dream


I hurt for people who were brought to this country, illegally, as children.  I think they should get a break.  With the exception of a birth certificate, they are as American as my two great-nieces.  The problem is that pesky birth certificate. Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, is appropriate – in most cases.  I’ve thought so from day one.

The problem is the attitude, the public attitude, of many of them.  Like every other American snowflake of their generation, their attitude is pure sh*t.  It is one of entitlement.  And, not, that is not their fault.  Their nasty, snippy, entitled behavior is their fault.  So is their demands for entitlement.

Beggars cannot be choosers.  But, that’s the problem. The beggars are behaving badly, being just plain nasty.  They have reached the point where someone like moi, who truly believes in their cause, has had enough of it.

If they want to blame someone for their miserable lives, try blaming their parents who brought them, illegally, into this country.  They’re the ones who managed to ruin their lives, not the GOP.  If people aren’t going to accept any personal responsibility,do we really need them as citizens? And, yes, I do believer Dreamers who are in the military should be fast tracked to citizenship.

Why do people who are here illegally get preferential treatment over American citizens their age?  Don’t we come first?  What is the benefit of citizenship if there are no laws?  What is the benefit of citizenship if those who aren’t American citizens receive preferred treatment?

At the risk of being seen as truly nasty, the people who here who are Dreamers, if they are returned to their country of origin, will,  by benefit of our system, be better educated than 95% of the people in their home land.  Why not return and make life better for people who live there?