The FAIR – Planned Parenthood Connection


Originally published on September 29, 2011,this continues to explore the connection with white supremacists, KKK, Neo Nazis.  It should be noted that this was written before the SPLC jumped the shark.

Politics are full of deliciously sick and perverse irony.  This is one the worst. With very few exceptions, conservatives and Republicans who are the most vocal about being anti-abortion are almost always the most vocal about being strict about immigration reform.

The irony – they’re the ones getting big money from John Tanton’s eugenics, white supremacist, population, anti-Hispanic, anti-Black, pro Planned Parenthood organizations and supporters.


Why is there such a very strong connection between John Tanton, his supporters and white supremacists, the KKK, CofCC, and the national socialists?

Why are conservatives turning a blind eye to these associations in order to pander to Tanton’s very vocal and well-trained supporters?

The problem with immigration reform, population control, abortion on demand, and the current version of anti-Hispanic bigotry that is infecting the GOP is filthy, dirty, and nasty.

Say Somethin;

There were two interesting aspects of immigration reform that were highlighted on Tuesday.  First, Michael Medved had an excellent USA Today column on why the GOP is blowing it with Hispanics.  Why?  Well, Barack Obama is openly courting Hispanic voters.  Many in the GOP are actively insulting them.

“…The main obstacle to Republican success in building Hispanic support based on boosting family and assimilation stems from the unfortunate GOP association with harsh, anti-immigrant extremism that undermines those very ideals. The agitation for mass deportations separating undocumented parents from their American-born, U.S. citizen children hardly demonstrates a respect for enduring family values. And immigrants face no more formidable hurdle to their ultimate assimilation than current rules that give them no chance to work for legal status if they arrived without authorization — no matter how long they’ve lived in this country, how hard they’ve worked and how fervently they seek to pursue the American dream. Fortunately, Texas Gov. Rick Perry seems to understand that an angry, unforgiving tone on the immigration debate will prevent Latino voters from recognizing how much they actually share with the GOP on other issues. All serious challengers to President Obama should begin to make the case more effectively that Hispanics belong in the GOP, not because Republicans offer them targeted concessions or special privileges, but because the conservative stress on stable, traditional families and rapid assimilation into American life offers the best chances for dignity, progress and prosperity for Americans of every national origin….”

The second development is a coming war on Planned Parenthood from the Republicans in Congress.  I think that’s a great idea.  I don’t approve of Planned Parenthood and their abortion mills.  On the other hand, I find it absurd that the same people who will do everything possible to go after Planned Parenthood, are supporters of its most important backer, John Tanton.


Case in point is Cliff Sterns, R-FL.  Sterns is one of those going after Planned Parenthood.  But- he’s in bed with John Tanton’s bunch!

Issues 2000

John Tanton is the protege of Garrett Hardin.  Hardin was the leading advocate of strict population control.  His theory, let the poor die! From an obit:

“…Despite my misgivings about this thinking, my heart overwhelmed my mind and I felt that sending billions in foreign aid to save the teeming masses would be the best course. I moved to Santa Barbara where Garrett and Jane lived. In the 1970s, I attended a lecture on overpopulation by Garrett. Bam, pow, whap, no mercy for the bleeding hearts. In a crowded lifeboat, taking on the drowning people in the water will only result in death for all. If some in the lifeboat feel guilty, then they should get out and give their place to others. Those in the lifeboat who wanted to live should not be compelled to commit suicide.

The best way to redistribute wealth was not to drain the rich nations to save the poor but rather to help reduce the number of people in the next generation so that fewer could have more. Numbers matter in an environmentally finite world.  According to Garrett, overpopulation is cruel because Mother Nature’s answer is brutal. People must work to agree on a method of controlling their prolific ways. He echoed the theme of Malthus that overpopulation leads to death from starvation and disease or from conflict with others fighting for survival. It’s nature’s way and the proof is everywhere around us in the world. Garrett’s views caused consternation among Christians, Liberals, immigration-enthusiasts and just plain folks on the street. But numbers matter. In our world, five billion people could benefit economically by moving to America. Four billion have lower incomes than our most numerous immigrant groups, Mexicans. Three billion have inadequate food. We cannot save the world by moving millions to America and we will commit suicide if we try….”


Want to know more?  Let’s here from an endangered species – Hispanic Republicans:

“…The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) is an anti-immigration ‘movement,’ that began by one man, John Tanton. Tanton was the organizer and President of the Northern Michigan Planned Parenthood Association between 1965-1971, and in 1975 he wrote The Case for Passive Eugenics where his letters and memos are a public collection at the Bentley Historical Library.  (1) Tanton has clear connections to Pioneer Fund and Numbers USA where  Pioneer Fund’s eugenic ideas (selective breeding of humans)  supported a variety of institutions that legitimize race “science”, including the journal Mankind Quarterly, which today is published by long-time eugenicist, anti-Semite and Pioneer grant recipient Roger Pearson. (2) According to the Wall Street Journal, Jason Riley states that by Dr. Tanton’s own reckoning, FAIR has received more than $1.5 million from the Pioneer Fund, a white-supremacist outfit devoted to racial purity through eugenics. Board members of FAIR actively promote the sterilization of Third World women for the purposes of reducing U.S. immigration prospects. And if anything disturbs the good doctor more than those Latin American hordes crossing the Rio Grande, it’s the likelihood that most of them are Catholic, or so he once told a Reuters reporter. (3)  As the founder and publisher of Social Contract Press, Tanton has published books that have helped shaped a nationalist ideology focused on the threat of immigrants to the white…while ignoring research that points to the positive contributions of immigrants. …”



FAIR’s Board of Directors and their Planned Parenthood Connections:
Sharon Barnes:  A founding member of FAIR, Ms. Barnes has also been active in population, environment, and women’s issues.
Edith Blodgett:  President of the Blodgett Foundation. The Blodgett Foundation donates heavily to Planned Parenthood.
Donald A. Collins: Program and financial consultant to a number of non-profit and charitable institutions. He serves on several non-governmental organization boards, including The Population Institute, Family Health International, and International Projects Assistance Services, whose varied activities are primarily concerned with advocacy of international family planning, women’s rights, and reproductive health.
Sarah G. Epstein:   Serves on the boards of several non-profit organizations, including Pathfinder International, Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington, Center for Development and Population Activities, and The Population Institute.
John Tanton, M.D.:  Dr. Tanton is the original founder of FAIR. He became interested in immigration to the United States through his long-standing concerns about the effects of unplanned and uncontrolled population growth and resource depletion. He was the national President of Zero Population Growth from 1975 to 1977 and was Chairman of its Immigration Study Committee from 1973 to 1975. He was organizer and President of the Northern Michigan Planned Parenthood chapter. From 1971 to 1975, Dr. Tanton served as Chairman of the Sierra Club National Population Committee.
Alan N. Weeden:  President of the Weeden Foundation, a family foundation based in New York City, whose mission is to help save biodiversity on our planet. The Weeden Foundation is heavily involved in population control.

This is what Sarah Epstein is doing.

Stop Torture Health Care

Archbishop Edwin F. O’Brien of the Catholic Review recently wrote about John Tanton and his links to Planned Parenthood and abortion on demand.

Catholic Review

It is fascinating how people don’t seem to care about alliances and associates.  The left turns a blind eye to ultra socialist organizations and the right does the same thing when it comes to white supremacist connections.

Colorado Independent

Perhaps no one exhibits the rank hypocrisy of the situation than Tom Tancredo.

“…Tancredo has said that abortion “compromises the sanctity of life” and “attacks the most vulnerable among us: unborn boys and girls.” He does not support the granting of federal funds to “any organization that promotes abortion.” He voted in favor of the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act, and in favor of legislation requiring parental notification when a minor seeks an abortion. He received an “A” on the National Right to Life Committee report card, indicating that he votes in Congress on the pro-life side of this issue. In the first Republican debate held on May 3, 2007, Tancredo agreed that the U.S. Supreme Court should repeal the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, adding that it would be “the greatest day in this country’s history.” Tancredo was criticized by pro-life forces for accepting over $20,000 in donations from John Tanton, founder of the Federation for American Immigration Reform and a founder of a Planned Parenthood chapter….”

Tommy T is the honorary chairman for Youth for Western Civilization.  Youth for Western Civilization is a white supremacist organization.  The founder, Kevin DeAnna, is one of the editors of Taki Magazine, along with Jack Hunter (The Southern Avenger) who is Ron Paul’s “official” blogger.  Jack Hunter is the most rabid anti-Lindsey Graham writer there is.  He also has connections to Jarred Taylor, a known white supremacist.

“…And the biggest issue is that DeAnna does this with the blessings of the mainstream right, something that sets them apart from other white supremacist groups. A perfect example is how despite the fact that the Council of Conservative Citizens has been banned from the annual Conservative Political Action Conference CPAC over a decade ago, YWC not only held what they called its “inaugural banquet” there in 2009, but has maintained a presence at CPAC the following two years. That has meant an uptick in known white supremacists attending the conference – including many members of the banned Council of Conservative Citizens. The anti-racist blog Imagine 2050 noted that at the 2011 CPAC, a YWC-sponsored panel on immigration featured former Congresspersons Virgil Goode and Tom Tancredo (the YWC honorary chair who is always caught associating with the white supremacist crowd), as well as current Congressperson Lou Barletta, who as mayor of Hazelton, PA became a hero among the right with his draconian laws against immigrants, and one of the founders of the Minuteklan Project Jim Gilchrist.

But here’s where it gets a little curious. The group Imagine 2050 notes that in the audience were William Johnson, chairman of the white nationalist political party American Third Position (A3P), Jared Taylor, and YWC members who have attended Council of Conservative Citizens (CofCC) conferences in the past. Also there was YWC member Tim Dionisopoulos, a member of the anti-immigrant group Rhode Islanders for Immigration Law Enforcement, who at an anti-immigrant event in Rhode Island where he quoted Sam Francis and recently has been hosting as a member of the Providence College Republicans dubious characters like James O’Keefe, the eugenics-promoting writer John Derbyshire and Dick Spencer, all past associates of either Youth for Western Civilization and/or the Robert A. Taft Club. A look at the video reveals that DeAnna’s old bud Marcus Epstein also attended….”

John Tanton
Meehan Report

“…Rarely has one person done so much to structure a major cause, or done it so far from the public eye. Dr. Tanton has raised millions of dollars, groomed protégés and bequeathed institutions, all while running an ophthalmology practice nearly 800 miles from Capitol Hill.

“He is the most influential unknown man in America,” said Linda Chavez, a former aide to President Ronald Reagan who once led a Tanton group that promoted English-only laws.

While Dr. Tanton’s influence has been extraordinary, so has his evolution — from apostle of centrist restraint to ally of angry populists and a man who increasingly saw immigration through a racial lens.

Mindful that the early-20th-century fight to reduce immigration had been marred by bigotry, Dr. Tanton initially emphasized FAIR’s identity as a “centrist group” and made arguments aimed at liberals and minorities. He allowed few local FAIR chapters, warning that a stray demagogue might “go off half-cocked and spoil the whole effort.”

When a member of FAIR wrote that Hispanic immigrants should be shot — because they “multiply like a bunch of rats” — a staff member offered to refund his dues. Early supporters included Senator Eugene McCarthy of Minnesota and Warren E. Buffett.

Now FAIR’s signature event is an annual gathering of talk radio hosts, where earnest policy pitches share time with the kind of battle cries Dr. Tanton once feared. This year’s event mixed discussion of job losses among minorities with calls to use Tomahawk missiles on Tijuana drug lords, while a doubter of President Obama’s birth certificate referred to “the undocumented worker” in the White House. Leading allies include Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, whose sweeps of Latino neighborhoods around Phoenix have prompted a federal investigation.

While the whole movement grew more vehement as illegal immigration increased, Dr. Tanton seemed especially open to provocative allies and ideas. He set off a storm of protests two decades ago with a memorandum filled with dark warnings about the “Latin onslaught.” Word soon followed that FAIR was taking money from the Pioneer Fund, a foundation that promoted theories of the genetic superiority of whites.

Dr. Tanton, who remains on the FAIR board, denied charges of racial bias and donated his papers to the University of Michigan to show that he and colleagues “are not the unsavory types sometimes alleged.” They include hundreds of private letters, some outlining his interest in genetic differences between the races and concerns about the country’s changing ethnic mix.

Reeling from their recent defeats, supporters of immigrant rights are mining those files as part of a fierce — critics say unfair — campaign to label him a racist and discredit his broader cause. Some have gone as far as calling FAIR a “hate group.”…”