The Lies of Planned Parenthood


First published on January 25, 2017

A recent study discovered that 92 of 97 approached Planned Parenthood clinics DO NOT offer prenatal care.

“…While Live Action was hard pressed to find any Planned Parenthood that offered prenatal care, some of the investigators posing as pregnant women were offered abortions instead. The abortion business does almost one third of all abortions in the U.S. — 887 per day on average or about 320,000 a year.

“Planned Parenthood says it’s a champion of women’s health care, yet prenatal care, which is an essential service for expectant mothers, is virtually nonexistent,” said Lila Rose, president and founder of Live Action. “Our investigators who wanted to keep their babies were turned away by 92 out of 97 Planned Parenthood centers. It’s clear that despite its claims, abortion is the priority and the only option for pregnant women that visit Planned Parenthood.”

This is just the first of several videos that Live Action plans to release in the coming weeks. The youth-led pro-life group said it plans to invest $500,000 in advertising into its latest investigation, with the hope of exposing Planned Parenthood’s abortion focus to women across America.

“The upcoming ‘Abortion Corporation’ investigative videos, combined with our recent video that debunked Planned Parenthood’s claim that only 3 percent of its services are abortions, are a powerful argument to defund Planned Parenthood of its half a billion dollars in taxpayer funding,” Rose said….”

It makes perfect sense.  Planned Parenthood is one of the most mendacious organizations I’ve yet to encounter.  They claim to offer services for women throughout the country, but nothing is farther from the facts. They also oppose over the counter contraceptives.

I don’t like Planned Parenthood, and, strangely enough, it has nothing to do with abortion.  If the right would shut up about abortion, already yet, and go after PP for their mendacity and lack of coverage for large portions of the country, and the fact that millions of women are not being allowed basic access to health care, because of PP, maybe it would make a difference.

I’m not holding my breath.